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    Strangest PC behavior I've seen in a LONG time

    For a little bit of relevant pretense, I currently own a Razer Lycosa USB keyboard, and use Windows 7 64bit. They've been cooperating just fine for quite some time now, and the keyboard has served me well over the past few years. Anyway...

    Today, I left my room for a while to go tend to some things. When I returned, the backlights on the keyboard had turned off, and nothing was responding the way it should. I'd click on toolbar icons, and instead of opening the current instance of whatever program it was, it'd start a new one. It wouldn't focus on windows. When I finally got it to focus on a window with a text field, it just started spewing out "G", endlessly. Just the letter G, over and over. I figured "Well, okay, the keyboard's gone and glitched." So I unplug it, wait a sec, plug it back in. The G spam stopped, but at that point, the really strange things started.

    Half the letters on the keyboard behaved normally. The other half seemed to do completely random things. Space bar would alt-tab, the letter U would open the disability access menu. The letter E would minimize all, etc... I accidentally found one key (Don't know which) that locked my computer, at which point I decided to try some other things. I pulled out a spare keyboard and plugged it in... same issue. I managed to open the software on-screen keyboard (thanks to the spontaneously opening disability menu) and tried that... SAME issue. At this point, I plugged in the Razer, rebooted, and everything was fine for a while. During this "Fine" while, I ran several virus checks, none of them turning up anything suspicious.

    The issue cropped up again at one point, seemingly at complete random, and I tried a few more bits of troubleshooting, but eventually just plugged in my spare keyboard and rebooted with the spare keyboard in. It's been a few hours, and so far nothing awry has occurred yet (during this time I've been uninstalling some things I don't normally use, as well as the only thing I'd installed recently: the newest version of Java). I'd normally just leave it at this, but this is a tiny little keyboard, and it's horrible for playing games on. I intend to spend the rest of today with this keyboard plugged in... if nothing happens, I'll plug in the Razer in the morning before booting up for work. If it occurs again tomorrow with the Razer, I may have to go shop for a new keyboard.

    However, one thing is bugging me:

    Is it possible for a keyboard on its last legs to glitch out the OS in such a way as to confuse inputs from other keyboards temporarily (at least until the next reboot), and even from its own software keyboard? That seems to be the case, but I can't think of a way that might happen.

    I'm more partial to the possibility that it's some software fault somewhere. The only thing I'd installed recently was the newest version of Java, which I installed just last night.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what the cause might be?

    If it does turn out to be the keyboard, what are suggestions on decent keyboards?

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    Hmm interesting. What it sounds like is that if you do a reboot with your spare keyboard plugged in, nothing goes wrong - correct?

    Tried using a different USB port? Try all the ports with both your Razer and your tiny keyboard.

    NOTE: All my instructions are from Win XP point of view, I'm not getting Win7 till I build my next PC. Hopefully you can find what I'm describing = /

    If shit still ain't working, go to Control Panel > Regional and Language options > Languages tab > Details (in the Text Services and Input Languages group) > Make sure the correct keyboard layout is being used, should be US under Keyboards...also check Key Settings...should already be like that by default but always good to check.

    Really it sounds like a hardware or driver issue. Go to Device Manager and check for any driver issues....if your Razer came with a CD, uninstall your drivers and re-install (or if you can find drivers online). Control Panel > Keyboard can also lead you to the drivers properties.

    If shit's still bugging out I really can't think of anything other than.....kissing your Razer goodbye
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