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    [Movies] Last Movie You Saw and What You Would Rate it Out of 10

    Here's the template:

    Movie Title
    Rating (out of 10)
    Review (can be as long as you like, please include why you liked/disliked the movie)

    Have fun!
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    Harry Potter 7
    Review: I would write a long one but I'm at work so....everything felt rushed as if trying to get to much into the movie
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    Reefer Madness

    Is 11 an option? Seriously a 9 at least.

    I'll start by warning people this movie might not be for you.
    1) it's a musical (don't worry, not the bad kind)
    2) Total satire of the American government (part of the history as well)
    3) Drugs and sex are a central theme

    If you can live with all of that, you'll love this movie. I believe it's one of the best movies ever made. Oh and Kristen Bell plays a lead role, which is a major plus in my book.

    Some samples:
    Warning You might actually laugh ... oh and there might be nudity, blasphemy and drugs involved. (awesome song, cutest thing you'll ever watch; while a guy can still watch it without having to kick a geek, drink a keg and fry a burger on a BBQ outside in the snow to feel like a man) (blasphemy is awesome as well) (eating a brownie will never be the same again, it will be better than ever.) (Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) like you probably have never seen her before, the good part starts at 2:00 more or less)
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    I just went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
    Title: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    Rating: Awesome (8/10)
    The comics are great. The movie comes close. It's style stays close to the comics and gives the movie a very distinct feel. It progresses a bit fast at some moment. This is truly a movie for the internet-crowd. Game references all over, internal logic that would only make sense in video games and occasional 8-bit moments. The side characters aren't really fleshed out, which is a shame, but comes from having to adapt 6 comics into 1 movie. Some people are probably put off by Michael Cera. Don't be. He plays a great Scott. The rest of the cast is a good fit, with the characters actually looking like they do in the comics. The soundtrack is good as well.
    I probably come across as a Scott Pilgrim fanboy by now, and maybe I am one. But this story is a representative of the current generation of Internet dwellers and video game geeks, with a very unique style. If this movie had done better in the USA (just come out in Europe) we might have seen more movies using video game logic or references in the future.
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    Get Him to the Greek.
    I don't usually like drug humor at all but for some reason this movie was just hilarious.. Also "Your one pink shirt away from Carlton" made me laugh pretty hard.

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    DragonBall: Evolution.

    I heard about how bad the movie is and never wanted to watch it, but I was bored and got to watch it for free today. I'll just have to watch the original dragon ball anime after that.

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    Waking Sleeping Beauty

    Its actually a documentary made up of mostly home movie footage about the behind the scenes of the Walt Disney Animation department through the 80's-90's. Basically tells the story how they were about to close down the animation studio for good, but bounced back with the so called Disney Renaissance period of films (little mermaid, Beauty and the beast, etc). I'm a huge animation/art nerd, so it actually really interested me. Being an 80's kid, I grew up with all these films and its a bit nostalgic. =p

    Obviously not for everyone, but if this thing sort of interests you its a good watch.

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    One of the best movies I have ever seen and it was from my favorite director and contained some of my favorite actors, so what else to say.
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    The Last Airbender

    When it comes to cartoon-to-real-life adaptations, The Last Airbender made Dragonball:Evolution look semi-decent. Thanks for shitting all over an epic cartoon series Mr. Shyamalan, you can now DIAF.
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    Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Love it that they took new elements from Resident Evil 4 and 5, but dislike the choice of who plays Chris Redfield.
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    While the idea of a run away train sounds like a bad plot for a film, Unstoppable actually does a great job of story telling and editing to build suspense. Washington and Pine also give great performances.

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    Repo: The Genetic Opera
    (saw it a loooong time ago, but re-watched recently, and that's the last thing I've seen, so....)

    I don't typically like musicals, but this is a perfect example of why Rock Operas are underrated. It is unfortunate that so many people confuse it with Repo Men, which basically recycled the primary story elements and made it into a flashy action flick.
    Anyway, the character development is handled quite well, for having such a diverse cast. The repossessions are gruesome, as is to be expected (there's a scene where Nathan the repo man jams his arm into a victim's chest cavity and uses him as a puppet to sing backup for one song XD ) There was only one song I didn't like: Seventeen, sung by Shilo (Alexa Vega). It just didn't fit with the rest, but bonus points for a Joan Jett cameo and an amazing finale.
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    It is totally worth to watch. Horror movie (well not that scary TBH) with blood bath and minor comedic values. (Minor Spoiler?) it ends in a mystery instead of the old "and they lived happily ever after" kind of movies.

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    Had to take my 7 year-old soon-to-be step-daughter to see it and I was very surprised at how good it was. The two best characters in the movie are the chameleon and Maximus (the horse), but that doesn't mean the other characters were bad by any means. Great story and very entertaining for any age group. I recommend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zynis View Post
    Harry Potter 7
    Review: I would write a long one but I'm at work so....everything felt rushed as if trying to get to much into the movie -
    jesus christ. please write spoiler alert or something before you post something like that. a review doesnt mean you tell us what happened. for someone like me who didnt read the books and hasnt seen the movie yet i am kinda irritated about the thoughtlessness that went into this post.

    OT: The Owls of Gahool movie.

    I thought it was good. good story telling, and EXCELLENT visuals. the story itself was generic though.
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    Battle Royale

    It´s about a japanese class that gets kidnapped by the japanese goverment and then put on an island where they are to kill each other. Only one can leave.

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    10/10 - Best movie of the year so far. Jon Malkovich is hilarious.
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    I tend to keep my rating simple. "Bad" "Meh" or "Good."

    The most recent movie I saw was Scott Pilgrim. Good. 7/10
    Prior I saw RED in theater. Also good. 8/10
    Life as we know it. Meh 6/10
    Easy A. Meh 5/10
    Expendables. Bad! 3/10
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    9/10. I didn't like Ben Kingsley's partner, but other than that it's a fantastic movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijen View Post
    Bad: The Expendables.
    Say what you will about the poor plot and seemingly bizarre characterization, but the action was well directed and executed.

    And when Willis asks Stallone what Arnold's problem is, and he answers, 'He wants to be President.' C'mon, that was a pretty awesome meta joke.

    From Paris With Love: 7/10

    Cheap thrills that pay off alright. Decent stuntwork. A bit of a movie identity crisis in parts.

    The Last Airbender: 4/10

    Special Effects: Awesome. Compressing the better part of a season into 2 hours and then adding random DragonSpiritBeasts? What?

    And the guy who plays Ozai didn't do it for me. But, you could say that for a lot of different aspects of that movie.
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