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    Les Miserables... I'll give it a 6/10. It was decent and worth my watch for sure, but I did not much care for Crowe's musical performance overall (other than looking great!), and Wolverine's voice wasn't that fitting Valjean.

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    Dredd, 6/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1/10

    How this one did get 4.3/10 on IMDB I will never know. Horrible! Now I am pissed off.
    That movie was an 8/10 when I was a little kid.

    For me, I just rewatched Aliens: Resurrection (went through them all after Prometheus on blu ray). 6/10 as it's a fun popcorn sci-fi flick, but my rating may also be skewed favorably that I was doing other things while watching it.

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    Argo 7/10

    Decent movie, albeit a bit slow, and sometimes boring. But it builds up nicely towards the end.

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    "push" 1/10 really annoying and the plot was stupid. Would only recommend to people I secretly hate.

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    Matrix Trilogy 8/10

    I had the inspiration to watch these again as I hadn't seen them in years, at least the first one. In order The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, one per evening. I think the Matrix Reloaded was the best of the trilogy, this time the movie worked very well and I loved all the dialogue sequences, like the one with the Architect, which I always saw as a boring scene. This time these were just wonderful. Also the combat scenes in the 2nd movie had a certain feel to them. And the awesome motorway scene. I also noted these movies could work well as 3D edited in afterwards, there were already many scenes where 3D could work (in 2nd and 3rd movie at least, not so many in the first one).

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    Django Unchained - 7/10 Didn't think it was an especially amazing film as it was made out to be, but was entertaining.

    The Impossible - 6/10 Not even sure how i can rate it but i did. It's technically just a recreation of what happened. Meh

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    The Hobbit: 7/10

    This was pretty good. The beginning of the movie was absolutely as boring as I anticipated it would be and I didn't end up being entertained until after the Troll scene, but the movie begins to come into it's own shortly afterwards. There are some beautiful CGI environments and creatures in this movie, and the action is pretty good as well. Seeing the pitiful Gollum again brings back great memories, and his scene was well done. However, the Hobbit suffers from unremarkable characters and a sub-par storyline. In some ways it's no more special than any other fantasy-themed movie out there. I never expected this to live up to LotR, but it was worth seeing once.

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    The Hobbit: 7/10

    It looked quite amazing like the trilogy did. But all in all I got a bit bored with this one. The Fellowship of the Ring kept you excited nearly the entire movie as did the 2 sequels. This was more like "more dwarfs, more orcs, bit of fighting .. blablabla". It really didn't have anything worthy to remember imo, while the trilogy has been burned into everyones mind really. The Dwarf leader looked incredibly boring and un dwarfly too imo.

    Will see the other ones too probably, but it sure as hell won't be as magical as LOTR.

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    Les Misérables - 8.5/10

    I really enjoyed it. Much more than I expected to. Russell Crowe was a lot less embarrassing to watch sing than I expected him to be. He and Hugh Jackman had good chemistry as rivals. Never seen the play live so I can't compare the experiences, but I'd recommend seeing the movie to anyone who enjoys musicals, period drama and stories of revolution.

    The whole thing, particularly the Finale song (which I suspect is heavily inspired by it), had me wanting to listen to the Internationale when I was done watching it. The segment at the barricades was my favourite bit.
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    The Deadmines
    In Bruges - 8.5/10

    The movie was great, well done, and great casting. I wouldn't recommend it for the squeamish though, it is pretty gnarly at points. Otherwise, it is a fantastic darker crime movie, and I about died laughing at points.
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    The Amazing Spiderman


    I finally got the chance to watch this movie, especially pumped, they made a darker toned Spiderman while also keeping Spidermans jokes in there making the character less whiny than the original trilogy. While finally putting in Gwen Stacy before Mary Jane at last.

    Unfortunately that was my praise before watching the movie.

    I really didnt like this movie much and I tried, I really tried, every step of the way I kept giving it chance upon chance.

    So where did it go wrong for me... first off the plot. This is a movie about Spiderman we dont need to see his origin again, we have it all fresh in our memory from the last movie they just go over the same stuff again. Do we really need to to see Uncle Ben die again we know he's dead it kind of kills the emotion. Of course they add in this pointless scenario about Parkers parents which could have been left out of the movie entirely.

    Secondly Spiderman in unvieled so mnay times in this movie.... I understand if this was the third movie but why was there so many people knowing who Spidrman was , Gwen, the Lizzard, Gwen's dad, a kid in the car, I think there are more too. Was it really nessersery for Spiderman to sacrifice his secret identity that way, its called a secret identity for a reason. And it all amounted to nothing in the end.

    Thirdly, the storyline was awful it was all over the place had so many loopholes and made no sense, and don't get me started on the pointless and predictable death at the end. And the American spirit of the city coming together to help Spiderman with conveniently placed cranes... arhhhgg.

    The lizzard was boring as hell in generic villain #903,001,999 who in the end wants nothing better than to ( get this) take over the world...

    Peter Parker while I give them credit for making him actually be a kid in this one acted nothing like Peter Parker at all. At least not from what I know about him.

    Two actors I really liked were Emma Stone (as Gwen) and Denis Leary (as Captain Stacy) both looked convincing in their roles. Martin Sheen was awesome as Uncle Ben and one I liked more than the original.

    Rhys Ifans was awful as the Kurt Conners/Lizzard, he did some parts really well. I saw some emotion there but he looked as if he was slipping in and out of acting in every scene.

    Also Sally Field was horrible casting as Aunt May, she did a pretty good performance but unless I was closing my eyes the whole time I just didn't see Aunt May.

    special effects were good in places, some great action scenes (for little and short as they were). Acting was good in places, great visuals soundtrack was okay I guess. I got a good laugh out of some of spidermans jokes, Is ee they tried to keep it light hearted while also trying to add a bit of darkness to it whihc is cool but I felt they were just trying to work off of the whole Batman fame at the time and in a spiderman movie that doesnt work, maybe in X-Men or Daredevil but Spiderman isn't a dark character.

    an okay movie but could have been a hell of a lot better. Such a shame really because I really wanted to like this too.

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    Django Unchained - 7/10

    Don't understand the hype, did have it's moments though. Won't watch again in a hurry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Django Unchained - 7/10

    Don't understand the hype, did have it's moments though. Won't watch again in a hurry.
    I just thought it was well done. It didn't do anything new, was just polished.

    Ending wasn't as over the top as I would have liked for a Tarantino film, but oh well.

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    The Last Stand. 8/10. A very good movie for a January release, was not dissapointed at all, had some pretty brilliant enemies, which is rare for the typical shoot-em-up movies. I was never bored with it, very entertaining, worth a watch imo. Then again my review may be biased, I've always loved Arnold, but the whole cast is great as well. That car also made me love corvettes. Damn it was a nice car.

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    Skyfall. 9,5/10. I really liked, even tho i never really watched the james bond movies, but this one did have it things for me.
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    Beasts of the Southern Wild--it was okay, 8/10. Cinematography/special effects fell short of making it seem truly magical; the young actress who played the main character (Hushpuppy) was phenomenal, as was the actor who played her father.

    I'm surprised it got a best picture nomination, along with les mis--les mis imo definitely did not deserve it (apologies to those who feel otherwise). Cloud Atlas and Moonrise Kingdom both deserved more nominations than received.

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    Mama - 7/10. I liked the first half of the movie a lot more than the second half. There were a couple of good scares in it and then it went downhill as it approached the ending. I was also irritated the whole time I watched it because I was sitting in front of a fat drunk girl who wouldn't shut the fuck up. Overall though, it was an okay film. It was worth seeing.

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    The Beasts of Southern Wild
    Let me first say, I still don't have a complete understanding of the film because this is one of those movies that leave wondering what you just watched in a good way, and something you have to soak in and think about, and also re-watch. The whole movie is almost played out like a poem with glimpses of action in my mind, with possible hints of some social commentary in it (Although it definitely is NOT about that). The metaphors play wonderfully, and it has a very weird and strange sort of power to it, and it really makes you see this entire world created through a child's eyes and how they would see it making it a wonderful achievement.

    Next, although the only acting you can really commend is Ms. Wallis (not trying to pronounce her first name) for completely carrying this movie at an incredibly young age, everybody is fine in it, but Wallis is fantastic. It is also beautiful to watch and for something with a budget of measly 2 million dollars its effects and visuals are very impressive.

    Now before I give the film a rating let me say not everybody is going to enjoy this movie, it requires lots of thought and attention (although it is fairly short so you don't need to give it for to long) and there are no parts where you can really turn your brain off and watch like a lot of movies. It is also one that you need to see multiple times to get a decent grasp at its meaning and impact, and it has a really great punch to it when you do. So with all that in mind I will give The Beasts of Southern Wild an 8.7/10

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    The Reader 8/10, amazing story and once Ralph Fiennes gets on screen it's an incredible watch.
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