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    Holy/Disc offspec for dungeons. Leveling.

    Im going to be holy/disc in one of my specs for fast que's, question is what is the best build for dungeons? any suggestions?

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    Depends on the spec you prefer playing. Holy can be quite haste/regen reliant though and normally at lower levels disc is better in terms of longevity. The shields are also extremely useful when tanks are under geared. Plus should you find yourself really enjoying discipline it's a very good levelling spec and is amazing for lower level PvP. Another consideration is the spell you get for picking a tree. Holy gets a disorient which is useless for healing until you pick up chakra. Discipline gets penance which is quite a big heal, as well as serious damage when you need it to be. Then again you get +15% healing for being holy, and +15% int for being discipline. I prefer the bigger mana pool, higher spellpower and crit the int buff gives you but the holy buff may be more useful at lower levels. It's very dependent on your preferred play style and your level.

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    Having JUST leveled up a priest myself I highly reccomend leveling as discipline until you get Shadow Word: Death (which in turn lets you use Glyph of Spirit Tap). This is because if you try leveling as shadow before then you will just go OOM every couple of mobs. I literally never once went below 50% mana as disc. Just dual spec shadow for inbetween dungeons when you get that glyph.

    Also it's pretty funny being able to heal while smiting. A lot of the time in lower lvl dungeons I can easily out dps baddies while healing the group at the same time. :P

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    I thought healing reg and heroic dungeons on beta was better as holy. However, renew and CoH are pretty bad so just pick what you like best. I thought the heal renewing renew was pretty nice w/ the chastise "holy shock" and you could use the flash heals from when the tank dips to get a pretty responsive PoH's to the group.

    TLDR- Renew sucks , but it shouldn't be on par w/ druid hots anyway.

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