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    Eh im the "drama" kid so i got bet up durring some school times... in my senior year i decided to not take their crap so out of utter rage i may have grabbed a lose brick and used it to greet his face with...

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    Never been in a "real" fight. I don't really count the Junior/High school fights, however. Mostly because my friend and I always have each others backs. If I'm about to get in one, he steps in. The jerk(s) usually back down and vice versa. It's nice having friends (along with myself) who have a big intimidating factor. I really don't like fighting. All the fights I was in in High School, either cause huge dental bills or long periods of hospital visits. Never started them, but I was sure to end them.

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    Too many to count, growing up as a military kid can be stressful. Spent most of my time near Ft. Sill (big basic training base). Worst times were in HS, going out to shoot pool or something, dumb GI always thinking they can come pick on the HS kids and flirt with your girl. Difference between most GI and a HS kid is 2-3 years and a few pounds. Currently 6-0 250, I was 190 in HS, wrestled, played football and soccer, I was in great shape and didn't take s#it from anyone. Defensive attitude and cocky athlete caused most of them but the friends I was around surely help.

    Here's a video of a buddy from HS who is actually now an mma fighter, enojy. Watch for him on an upcoming season of Ultimate Fighter, he's been in Vegas a couple times doing their try outs.

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    meh, people start on me all the time. Usually I just walk away but there have been times. Luckily Ive taken decent training and grew up with an older brother so it was essentially either learn how to fight or get kicked around by him. Also do a fair bit of sparring.

    I live in a very chav area and have long hair (male) and like old metal (80s thrash was AWESOME). Before you ask, Im not emo, I just like long hair and music. Obviously a lot of people have a problem with that. Walk away if at all possible tho, you never know who's carrying a knife. And in a fight either take it to the ground very quickly or with a few precise strikes. The longer you wait the more chance you have of others joining in or whatever. Never started anything tho, well, other than with my brother, but thats brothers for ya :P And to be honest, all the stuff with my brother only made me stronger later so its good.

    Suppose moshpits are like fights lol

    Also do whatever you can to prevent fights. Talk. There are a million tactics you can use. I am a very good speaker so I can generally talk people out of stuff. If you can scare them or make them walk away without fighting, you have essentially won a fight with NO risk at all. No matter how skilled you are there is always some risk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yomps View Post
    How many of you guys have been in a fight? Now before this post gets like 'Oh im super duper stronger then you", that kind of thread, im just bored and wondering if you guys have been in a fight.
    Maybe you're not, but that's exactly what people replying to the thread will generally turn it into. "I've beat up 4 guys at once.. they were all lame.. And I beat up their dog as well," etc.

    I've been in plenty of fights with my brother! That's it though. I avoid confrontation as I don't like people getting hurt. Neither them or myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by DSRilk View Post
    The true measure of a person is how they act when they know they won't get caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baabinator View Post
    I can't say I have.

    Then again, i am quite a tall guy (nearly 2m) but not incredibly buff.

    I usually try to avoid fights, but that's because I almost never ever get mad...

    I wish i did get mad more often, because some of that scum just asks for it.
    Exactly this. I'm way too patient and tolerant for my own good, even towards the people who deserve it most.

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    Usually, i try to avoid fighting when out on the town. If a friend is fighting and he wasnt the agressor, ill be in there backing him up no worries, but if hes the drunk aggressor, ill pull him out and talk us out of trouble

    Ive also been in countless Fights on a football field when things get a bit too aggressive, but they happen regularly and the hostility ends after the game.

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    once i grabbed someone behind the back and threw him away; his leg hit a bench on the way down and it was apparently broken. this happened little over a year ago when the guy in question was fighting and picking on a friend of mine.

    i'm kinda big (6'5") and pretty brawny build, suppose that makes people less tempted to start anything with me whilst i play the underdog and gentle giant role.

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    Does anyone else hate those idiots who are always trying to plan fights? Like "meet me at this location at this time and I'm gonna kick ur ass"

    If you are willing to take a swing right then and there, then you aren't really mad enough to fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elathi View Post
    I can boast more self-control, for one...
    If you play WoW, you have no self control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NineSpine View Post
    How can you know anything about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
    I know that i hate statements like that..

    I have also been in many fights due to not having much of a fuse.. and i can easily blow at small things. sometimes i win sometimes i lose.. I am not proud of it.. thsoe that are either bully or lie.. (or maybe do it professinally).. probably all the people who sya they usually win have never had a afight..

    TBH fighting is a mugs game.. you both suiffer in the end and it solves nothing. I once had a fight with a lad I sort of knew when he scatched my car. I happened to knock him down before i got dragged away (the usual end of fights you will find rathe than the win/lose that thsoe that lie talk about) he then came back with a load of his mates and tried to stab me..

    to be fair this is what the case is and its best to leave it alone and forgive and forget more..

    Might be a carebear attitude but fighting only bring pain and suffering to both parties.

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    As short tempered as I am I've never been in a fight. It's why I play games or just go into a long rant to vent. Not that I've never wanted to beat the living ba-jeezus out of someone. Oh have I EVER wanted to many, many times. It's not worth the risks involved, especially if its another girl expecting a cat-fight, not your fist in her (stupid) face. -_o'

    And besides, a coffee table, 2 ps2 controllers and a wireless mouse are cheaper to replace then teeth, mending a broken bone, paying fines, or going to court.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NineSpine View Post
    How can you know anything about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
    I love how everyone's missing the Fight Club reference.

    Never been in a fight. Never been formally trained but through friends who have been trained I know I can hold my own if I ever got into a fight but it's something I'll still try to avoid as much as possible.

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    A few times. I am a smaller guy, so people assume they can mess with me. I've snapped and fought off (more like scared off) 3 guy who were trying to hold me down n mess with me. I've fought and went blow for blow with an older kid when I was like 10. When it comes down to it, I'd rather take a physical beating over a beating to my pride. (Depends on the situation, I've walked away from a 1 v 4 where I was worried they would kick when I was down type of fight.)

    Don't get me wrong, I don't pretend to be a bad ass, just someone who will push back, if pushed far enough/

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    cheap shotted by some 20 year old mexican (i was 16 at the time) whooped his ass they pulled a gun on me and tried to doubleteam me, friends had my back, they backed down too scared to use the gun, i go home with fractured cartilidge in my nose they go home missing on tooth got a black eye and as broken nose, feelsgoodman, in all seriousness i didnt pick the fight i hate pickin fights but if i fight i will win and i will always find a way to win

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    Never been in a fight, I'd only fight if it were for friends or loved ones. No need to get angry over silly things.

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    Well controlled fights.... quite many... im a blue belt in judo so.... i get to fight 2x a week.... but ive been beaten pretty bad in a judo comp and had my arm broken
    "Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable."
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

    General George S Patton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandaemic View Post
    “Oh, do a daily? Just do a daily? Why don’t I strap on my daily helmet and squeeze down into a daily cannon and fire off into daily land, where quests grow on little dailies?!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    Eh im the "drama" kid so i got bet up durring some school times... in my senior year i decided to not take their crap so out of utter rage i may have grabbed a lose brick and used it to greet his face with...
    A brick to the face always wins! Keep one in your trunk next to the tire iron.
    I like waffles!

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    I recently earned my red belt in karate so I am technically in several fights per week, and have won some tournaments, but a real fight, no. I'm probably just good at avoiding/dissolving them, but I'd like to think that no one wants to start something with me. WTB badass

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