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    Got my ashes on my 6th kill, and I didn't even care about it that much, still happy though :P

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    Soloed stonecore a lot in cata when i was bored trying to get the mount there. Finally after 543 runs the mount dropped for me. Decide to go do vortex pinnacle, mount drops on 6th run. RNG is a really big sucker for me 240 runs for onyxia over 200 on each of the new zg bosses with no mount but saw 3 ashes in 12 runs doing that with friends lol.

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    I got Rivendare's Reins on the first run of Strathholme on my DK, (It was 2 runs if you include the run my brother did on my character to show me how the "The Guantlet" part is done.)
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    i was a noob back in TBC, during my first raid run ever, I got into a kara pug and attumens steed dropped, i was 1 of 2 people in the run that wasnt a guildee and i rolled 100 for the mount! Im sure alot of people were mad at me that run but hey, i was there for the kill so i earned it. Farmed the raven lord and white hawkstrider during cata for about 4months doing both heroics every lockout, finally 1 day i went to do both heroics and boom they both dropped on the same day. It was amazing. And finally I decided to start farming ashes of alar about 2 months ago and last night i went in and did something stupid that caused me to wipe(yea i know, a lvl 90 wiping on kael'thas, what a noob). So I was mad and as i ran back in i said to myself, this thing better drop since i just wasted my time on that wipe and of course it dropped! So I'm pretty lucky with rare mount drops. Oh also I think im one of the first people ever to fish up the sea turtle, i got it within a few days of it being put into the game. Im gonna try to link my achievment to show the date.
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    I was lucky to get the Onyxian Drake mount to drop last week, and this week i got Ashes of Al'ar. I remember the same thing happening with Raven lord and Fiery Warhorse from kara, i guess that was my reward for 150 Raven lord runs. I also got Swift Zulian Tiger on my second run.
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    Hmm rare mounts you say? stories you say? I farmed then farmed some more then something cool happened then i farm some more. two years later i was still farming. then it droped. the end


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    Got my Kara mount and ony mount in the same week. Super lucky week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    71 kills at LK 25m dropp as off yet G_G
    got 21 kills saw it drop 21 times <: them olden times <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflzore View Post
    got 21 kills saw it drop 21 times <: them olden times <3
    18 kills seen it drop 18 times... HI5!

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    I think my first rare mount story was back in wrath when I started to farm ZG for the mounts. After just a few runs with a ret pally (I'm a mage), we saw the raptor drop and I won that. About a month later, ZG was about to reset and we hadn't run ZG yet and my friend wasn't on, so I found a random bear tank to go with me. I told him if the raptor dropped he would get it since I already got it. He said "oh ok cool, well then if the tiger drops I won't roll on it too, just to be fair". no raptor, but the tiger dropped! I told him that he could roll against me since I wouldn't have had a chance to run it before reset if he hadn't helped me. He told me "nah man, I told you I wouldn't roll on it, grats". sure enough he didn't roll on it, so I got the raptor and tiger within about a month of each other. a few days later, I found a guy that sold me the blizzard bear mount for only 5k.

    Since then, I hadn't had much luck. finally got my white strider, then a few months later got my raven lord. didn't really farm the kara mount much, randomly went one day by myself in cata and it dropped. I occasionally would pester a friend who had ashes to help me get it in cata. we did it a few weeks but then kind of stopped. I asked him one day to go do it with me, we were just talking casually in vent when I hear him go "ohhhh shiiii--" and I was like "oh what did it not drop dropped, nice." no one to compete against for ashes. just two nights ago our raid got called early so I told me friend "hey lets go get you ashes" it was his first time in TK on that toon (he had been before, but never really farmed for ashes). sure enough, the bird drops for him.

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    I needed over 17 successful bear runs in Zul'Aman (4.1 version) to win the mount. Considering how many times I was rolling against only two or fewer players, this was extraordinarily unlucky. I wish I had taken notes on how many people I rolled against each time, but I didn't realize anything interesting was happening until I was well into the process.

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    Ashes dropped on our very first Kael kill..I waited until everyone else rolled. Mage buddy rolled a 98 and thought he won it...I rolled a 100.

    Server first riding around on mini-A'lar's back...oh the crowds in Shat...
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    I went to Magister's Terrace in WotLk. Never got a rare mount before. Never won one. Saw only a couple. Won the white chicken and the blood elf orb on my first run. I think it's because RNG psychically knew I didn't care about the mount. I wanted the phoenix pet. I accidentally did heroic mode... took me 9 tries to get the pet. Never got another rare thing based off of RNG again -.-

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    I ran ZG since the first time I saw the tiger mount (sometime around BC when I first stated playing) Every reset until it was taken out and never saw it drop, not much of a story just some RNG blues.

    ^ speaking of the phoenix pet, I saw the mount drop 3 times before I managed to get the pet, ran it once on heroic as a friend liked to tag along for the chance then did normal until I hit the ran too many instances wall.
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    I went rare hunting on the BMAH........saw the Vortex Pinnacle mount (north wind?).

    Managed to put a 30k bid on without a single wipe and waited with baited breath for my sweet mount to drop.......

    Opened my mail the next day to find......A blood soaked invitation Doh!!! (especially when I was already a member of the Brawlers Guild!!)
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    I got pretty lucky with Attumen, well, not lucky, i had been farming him for a long time but it dropped on my Birthday, still for the life of me cant get Green/BlueProto Drakes/white Hawk Strider/Raven Lord despite doing them at every chance. One funny thing about Rivendares mount was me and a guildie where racing each other to get it. one Night i got it and he wasnt online, the second he logged on vent i told him all about it.... He went and got it on the very same night too lol :/

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    i got 3 rare mounts in a single day lol

    blue proto on my like 110th run, then lost proto later that night, then gray camel about 2 hours later lol

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    I remeber in early tbc.. me and a tank from guild and my friends little brother who was in the same house since i had my comp in his brothers room..well we went off to zg for the raptor boss. and i will state that this took some time with 1 tank 1 healer and a lowsy rogue..finally we killed him and the raptor drops. i remember i yelled DANIEL NEEDAR DU SÅ DÖR DU! in english. daniel if you need on it i will kill you! freighten of what i have said he greeded and i FUCKING won it... the warrior tank from my guild rolled 2 and i 4 xD so yeah lucky! Another story is about the setthek halls raven lord bird that i actually got my hand on last night! after like 150+ runs on several chars. been running it for 2 months everyday in cata got boored. then i started 2 months ago and have runned it on my paladin,warr and hunter everyday. and finaly it dropped!

    feels kinda sad i wont be running setthek anymore=/

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    Yesterday!! It was THE DAY!!! A friend of mine came back to wow after a 3 month stop. 3 month ago we were farming ashes together and we managed to get it (both of us) in 6 kill. Yesterday, he finally came back to wow and I was talking to him in Skype and joking about his luck with the mount drop. So, I decided to give a shot to Onyxia!! 3 minutes laterI was flying on the coolest mount in the game. But...suddenly I realized that it was the right time to finally earn the FoS of Attumen mount. I told to my friend to stay in the exact position where he was when I was killing Ony and also to keep doing whatever he was doing! I went to kara in roughly 1.5 min.....made 1500k DPS on boss...looted him and obviously the mount was there!!
    BTW, after I went to EoE and Malygos didn’t drop the mount, but I was happy enough. And also I’ve farmed those 2 guys...I don’t even know how many times!!!

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    Only rare mounts I really have are the Drake from stonecore, and i got eh raven lord out of a loot bag.
    Was running EoE with my buddy, after 2 weeks, blue drake drops he wins, 2 weeks later, azure drake drops, he wins.
    I was soo pissed at him.

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