[Tutorial] How to act like a Idiot.

Not that its needed, atleast not when i think of most people in here...
How to act like a Idiot, by Frinata.

1, Attitude
2, Conversations
3, Making Forum Posts
4, Users and You
-4,2 Users of the Opposite Gender
5, Staff and You
6, Legal

1. You are ALWAYS Right...
Remember, you are ALWAYS right... even if you have no idea what you are talking about, you are always right. Doesnt matter if you havent used the software or if your IQ is below 9.

1,1 None except you can be right.
You are the only one who can be correct, everyone else are incorrect... even their opinions. You are always right and none else will be unless they think the same, and if they do they are lame.

1,2 Never let anyone say you are wrong.
If someone insists on you being a idiot or not knowing what you talk about, Make a saving "LOL N00B" or "ROFL"

No you cant run .exe file's in native linux
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LOL N00B!!!11!11
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2 No matter what you say, you are always winning 'insult-wars'

Not really, you were so stupid that you killed your own computer
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I LOVE C*CK!!!11!11
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i haev six wth goats!!1!1!!!
2,1 If you feel you are losing a 'insult-war' just answer with "lol n00b" "lmao" "rofl" or "carebear"

2,2 If you need to insult someone, just say something you know about that person and try to make it sound bad

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Frinata is so stupid that he... code's his own linux kernel's
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Well thank you.
3 Never think before writing, thinking is for n00bs...

3,1 Make sure NONE of your forum posts makes sense, they are going to stay on the forum with you... you don't want bad reputation for early posts... delete or make lots of ridiculus replies to it.

3,2 There is no such thing as a 'EDIT' button, always make a new post or even better... a new thread

4 All other users worship you.

4,1 Remember, everyone loves you, everyone wants to be your friend and they all worship you. You are their god, their one and only, they want to have your babies.

4,2 Users of the opposite gender.

4,2,1 ALWAYS compliment users of the opposite gender, they are ALWAYS interested in you.
4,2,2 If a girl by a any chance shouldn't be interested in you she is automatically one or more of the following... whore/slut/bitch/gay/male
4,2,3 If a boy by any chance shouldn't be interested in you, just pick another one... there are too many of them...

4,3 Other users opinions doesn't matter, always ignore them... caring are for emo's and kiddies...

5, Staff and You... Staff is one of the most dangerous and treacherous thing you will encounter, they appear to be your friend... but they will betray you!

5,1 Talking to Staff requires special skills, speak their language... speak 1337-5p34K, the more strange it looks... the better you speak, and the more people will get amazed... (0|\/|6 1 |-|4><><0P\3C| j00)

5,2 Post deleted... Always whine at the staffer! they removed your precious post... the more post the better, you want that little number (Postcount) to be really high, since the more posts you have... the bigger *insert what you think of here* you will get. Be sure to include lots of swearing, 1337-5p34k and cursing... Let them know THEY did wrong.

5,3 IP Banned, Now is the time to bring forth your amazing skills and show the Staff that you are special, unique... you are God. You use a proxy to bypass their IP ban, using another user you created you continue posting. Now its important to whine ALOT on the admins so that they unban you ASAP, since you want your real postcount to get higher...

5,4 Still IP Banned, along with email banned, most proxies banned and admins deleting you at sight... Now you start up your botnet, and DDoS the website, so that they know that you really gotta get unbanned..

5,5 Caught and Prison Sentence, Immediatly become close friends with big black men, preferrably named after Serial Killers... That way the hole in your 'rear end' will increase, and you will get protection...

5,6 After 10 years in prison, Post your pic on the internet where you show how much your 'rear end' has grown in size, dont forget to tell your old friends at the community you are back....