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    19 Warlock Twink Guide!

    In this guide, I will be covering gear, enchants, talents, combat tactics, professions.. basically everything you will need to know about twinking your level 19 warlock. FYI; Warlocks are the most under twinked class in the 15-19 bracket currently, so it makes a change for people to start these twinks. You will be quite original.


    -1.0 Stats
    -1.1 Gear
    -1.2 Enchants
    -1.3 Talents
    -1.4 Consumables
    -1.5 Professions
    -1.6 PvP

    Firstly, you need to know what race you are going to pick. Racials are very important when twinking at level 19. You will need a race with a useful racial in PvP, it's just another tool in your toolbox. Personally,
    I would go for either Human or Goblin. With human you can have 2x Arena Grand Masters, and with Goblin you get a FREE hunters disengauge basically. Look below for a list of Racials and what they do.

    Race - Racial and what it does

    Human - PvP trinket - Removes all stun, bonds and slows. 3 minute cooldown

    Dwarf - Stone Form - Removes all poison, disease and bleed effects. Increases armor by 10% for 8 sec. 2 minute cooldown

    Gnome - Escape artist - Removes roots and slows.
    1 minute cooldown

    Draenei - Racial heal - Heal over time depending on HP
    . 3 minute cooldown

    Worgen - Darkflight - Increases run speed for 70% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown

    Orc - Increases attack power by 34 and spell power by 17. Lasts 15 seconds.
    2 minute cooldown

    Undead - Will of the forsaken - Removes fear, charm and sleep effects. 2 minute cooldown

    Troll - Increases casting speed by 20% for 8 seconds. 3 minute cooldown

    Blood elf - AoE silence for 2 seconds. Restores 15 focus. 2 minute cooldown

    Goblin - Rocket barrage for around 150 dmg or Rocket jump for about 10 yards. Shared 2 minute cooldown

    1.0 - Stats

    1 stamina = 10 Health
    1 intellect = 1 Spell power
    1 hit = 0.505%
    1 haste = 0.473%
    1 crit = 0.338%
    1 resilience = 0.164%

    Hit cap = 6% or 11 hit rating

    1.1 - Gear

    Please note that this gear is the gear that you can only obtain after the cataclysm patch 4.0.3a was applied. There are some better items out there, but you cannot get them anymore as the quests have been removed from the game. For example, Inferno Robe.

    ALSO, this is the gear i would recommend for a BALANCED PvP set, so you will have a decent amount of HP and SP.

    Best/Recommended - Good/Minimum


    Lucky Fishing Hat - Green Tinted Goggles

    This hat is the best hat because of it's very impressive +15 stamina. You can obtain your Lucky Fishing Hat from the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza which is hosted on Sundays at 14:00PM - 16:00PM (2PM - 4PM) server time. The idea of the contest is that you are the first to catch 40 Tastyfish from Pools of tastyfish that spawn during the times mentioned before. You do NOT have to do this to gain the hat. The hat is obtained from catching a rare fish (Keefer's Angelfish)
    from the pools of tastyfish during the contest. It is quite hard to get as it is pure chance. On average it will take around 150 catches of tastyfish to catch one of these fish. You will need to level up your fishing to do this contest and more will be covered on fishing in the profession section (1.3).

    Green Tinted Goggles are obtained from Engineering. They will give you a very nice +8 stamina. You will have to get your Engineering up to a skill of 150 to make this head item. They are to be used until you are lucky enough to obtain a Keefer's Angelfish on from the fishing tournament on Sundays.


    Scouts Medallion (Horde) / Sentinels Medallion (Alliance) - Thick Bronze Necklace

    You will want to obtain this PvP necklace as it has 2 stamina AND 6 agility which is approximately 0.64% dodge chance. This is great as it will help to survive just that bit longer versus melee classes, especially ROGUES! You can obtain this from your respective WSG pvp vendor in the barrens for Horde and in Ashenvale for Alliance. It costs only 20 honor points for this necklace which is one game of WSG, maybe two. Not much else to say about this item, 20 hp and 0.65% dodge chance is very good!

    Thick Bronze Necklace is the other necklace you could use. It is very easy to obtain as it is made by Low level Jewelcrafters, and the materials required for it are very easy to get your hands a hold of. It gives a flat out 3 stamina, which is 30 hp. I would choose the other necklace personally because as a cloth wearer, you get beaten on by Melee classes really really easily so... dodge chance ftw basically haha.


    Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle
    / Tattered Dreadmist Mantle - Feline Mantle

    The Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle are pretty much BiS as they give 5 stamina, 5 intellect, 3 crit rating and 5 resilience. You can obtain these from the Wintergrasp PvP vendors for a VERY big amount of honor. 2,175 Honor to be exact. This will be quite a big grind on your main, but it is worth it completely. You can also use these on any other character you are levelling that wears cloth as these still give a 10% experience gain!

    The Tattered Dreadmist Mantle are the other BoA shoulders you can use. They give you 7 stamina, 5 intellect, and 5 crit rating. You buy these from the Heirloom vendor located in Dalaran for 2,175 Justice Points. This is quite a big amount too, so the choice is yours really.

    The other shoulders are from SFK and drop from Lord Godfrey, the last boss. This shoulder item has 4 stamina 5 intellect so, you aren't missing out too much by not bringing yourself to Grind an ungodly amount of honor for the other shoulders. Not much to say really apart from that these shoulders are easy to get, have very good stats, and look nice too.


    Tumultuous Cloak of the Sorcerer - Spidersilk Drape

    Tumultuous cloak
    is from the Random Dungeon Finder loot bag. As a caster this cape is awesome as it has 4 stamina, 4 intellect and 4 haste, it is very good. This cape is fairly easy to obtain, but you may get unlucky and have to run alot of Random Dungeons to get this item. You could also go for the version which is "of Stamina", which gives a flat out 8 stamina for maybe flag running purposes, or just "look at my epic hp" showing off.

    The spidersilk drape is a very nice cape if you are determined to get hit capped without using the hit rating potion. It gives 4 hit rating which is 2% hit, and you only need 6%. This cape is obtained by getting a Tailor with a skill of 125 to make it for you. The materials required are very cheap and basic, so you should have 0 problem trying to get this cape for your warlock.


    Tattered Dreadmist Robe - Corsair's Overshirt

    This BoA cloth robe is obtainable by spending 2,175 justice points at the Dalaran Vendor. It gives 10 Stamina, 6 intellect and 6 crit strike rating. This is the best robe for 19 twinks currently, but it costs alot since the new justice point system, so.. the choice is yours.

    The Corsair's Overshirt is the next best thing, and it drops from Cookie, the last boss in the new Deadmines. It gives 6 stamina and 8 intellect which is even more SP than the BoA, but stamina is pretty much the best stat for warlocks. Easy to obtain, looks quite good and very good stats.

    Shirt and Tabard

    These items do not matter at all towards combat, but you could go for the Lavander Mageweave Shirt (purple = EPIC!). In the tabard slot you could drop about 20 USD and get yourself a very nice Tabard of flame from ebay. This looks great and is the cheapest of the TGC loot tabards. You could also just use your guild tabard or purchase one of the tabards for honor, like the Frostwolf tabard or the Warsong gulch tabards from the PvP vendors in the barrens or Ashenvale. But these cost around 2,000 honor each, so it will take a lot of WSG on your twink to grab these.


    Mindthrust Bracers - Crystalline Cuffs

    The Mindthrust bracers are the best wrists you can get at 19 for warlocks, but they don't come cheap. They are an exclusive drop in SFK, and they do still drop from there after the recent changes. You get +3 stamina and +4 intellect from these bracers. They will cost an excess of 1k on the Auction House if you ever do see them, but these could give you a reason to grind for the Ambassador title through SFK .

    Crystalline Cuffs drop from the "second" boss in Ragefire Chasm and are really really REALLY easy to obtain because they have a really high drop chance. They give you a nice 3 stamina and 3 intellect, so you aren't missing that much from not dropping alot of gold on the SFK ones.


    Gold-Flecked Gloves

    These gloves are the only gloves you should get. They are very, very easy to obtain as they drop from the first boss in the new deadmines. They give 4 stamina and 6 intellect. Not much to say about these, very good stats and very easy to get. Win-Win!


    Enumerated Wrap of the Sorcerer / Of the Sun / Of Stamina

    This belt is obtained from the Random Dungeon finder loot bag just like the cape. These belts are all fairly common to drop from the lootbag for warlocks and all give brilliant stats.

    Of the Sorcerer gives 5 stamina, 5 intellect and 5 haste rating

    Of the Sun gives 5 stamina, 5 intellect and 5 critical strike rating

    Of Stamina gives 8 stamina

    All are good choices, but personally i'd go with "of the Sorcerer".


    Godfrey's Britches

    These legs are the most balanced at this level in my opinion, and are from the quest chain available in SFK.
    These legs give 7 stamina, 5 intellect and 5 crit strike rating. It is avaliable from the start of the instance and it requires you to kill all of the bosses inside the instance.


    Spidersilk Boots

    These boots are the BEST boots you can get at level 19. They offer a huge 8 stamina along with 7 intellect. These boots are made in Tailoring and you get the pattern from the Trainer at 125 skill, so they are very easy to obtain too!


    Seal of Argas and Garrosh's Pardon for Horde /
    Lorekeeper's Ring for Alliance

    These rings are the best for a warlock at 19 and are also very easy to obtain.

    Seal of Argas is obtained as a quest item, and you have to do just one quest to get this item. It gives +5 stamina and +6 intellect. See <here> for horde and <here> for alliance.

    Garrosh's Pardon
    is a quest reward as well from the same area as the ring above. The quest chain is fairly lengthy and this is only obtainable for horde characters.

    You must start by completing all of the quests availiable from the Mor'shan Ramparts at the very top of the barrens. Once you have done them all, you will end up at Splintertree Post. Continue with the quest chain until you are able to talk to Draaka on the Demolisher near the flight master in Splintertree Post. The first quest you will get from the Demolisher is Playing With Felfire and it will continue until Rain of Destruction. Once you have done this quest i think you can grab the All Apologies quest which is the start of the last quest chain you have to complete. The quests are all soloable by a level 19 in any gear, and i have done this quest chain three times now because the rewards are so epic.

    Lorekeeper's Ring is a PvP vendor item obtained in Ashenvale by purchasing it for 20 honor from
    Illiyana Moonblaze
    . This is really easy to obtain and gives nice stats.


    Inherited Insignia of the Horde / Alliance OR Insignia of the Horde / Alliance and Arena Grand Master

    Okay, the first ones are obvious, the insignia is commonly referred to as just "trinket" as it is the most widely used trinkets in the game. They will remove any binds/stuns/roots or whatever from your character, allowing you to move freely again. There is also a BoA insignia called the "Inherited Insignia of the <faction>" and this will give you an extra 6 resilience rating so it is well worth getting if you can afford it. The normal insignia costs 55 honor and the BoA one costs 2725 honor.

    This other trinket you will be using is the
    Arena Grand Master. This offers a very good +12 stamina and an absorb effect of 1,000 damage. You obtain this trinket from the gurubashi arena event. During the event, a chest is placed in the middle of the arena, and inside of it you will find an Arena Master. You have to gather tweleve of these to obtain the Arena Grand Master. The time the first chest is dropped is at 00:00 server time, and then contiues every 3 hours. There is usually a lot of competition for this item, but if your server is quite small, then you should be able to get this trinket without any hassle.

    Level 85s will be going for this chest because they will want the achievement which is associated with looting the
    Arena Master and the forming of the Arena Grand Master. Each achievement offers 10 achievement points. You may need to bring friends, or you could just be a ninja like in this video on youtube.


    Grand Staff of Jordan / Dignified Headmaster's Charge or Twisted Chanter's Staff

    The Grand staff of Jordan is from the PvP wintergrasp vendor and costs 3,500 Honor to obtain.
    The grand staff of jordan offers 10 stamina, 39 Spell power, 6 hit rating and 6 resilience rating. All of the stats on this item are excellent and well worth the amount of honor if you really want to go all out on your twink.

    You could also use the Dignified Headmaster's Charge and it offers 9 stamina, 39 Spellpower, 7 intellect and 6 critical strike rating. It will cost you 3,500 Justice Points to get this staff. These stats are also really good, but personally, the Grand Staff of Jordan is the way to go.

    Alternatively, you could go and find yourself a Twisted Chanter's Staff on the auction house, and this great staff offers 6 stamina and 10 intellect. It has less stats than the other two, but the amount of grinding required for those other staffs is EPIC compared to how easy this staff is to get. The staff is the best, in my opinion, non-boa staff that is avaliable for warlocks to get at this level.


    Wind Rider Wand for Horde and Cookie's Stirring Stick for Alliance

    Both of these wands are fairly easy to obtain.
    The wind rider wand offers 2 stamina, 2 intellect and 2 hit rating and you can get it by completing The Conquest of Azshara. You must have completed all of the quests in the area before this quest will unlock. It will take around 30 minutes to do this quest chain.

    Cookie's Stirring Stick is from completing the quest chain in deadmines for alliance. It starts at the entrance and all you will have to do is slay all of the bosses in the instance. The last quest will give you this wand. It offers 2 stamina and 2 intellect. Very good and easy to obtain wand, and it is also the best wand alliance casters can obtain at 19.

    1.2 - Enchants

    I haven't listed head, shoulders, neck, belt, rings or trinkets as you cannot get enchants for those item slots at level 19, since WotLK.


    +70 Armor

    This gives about 3% physical damage reduction from melee attacks.


    +100 Health

    Basic enchant, you could go for +4 stats, but i prefer the extra 60 hp than 4 SP for my lock.


    +9 Stamina or
    +15 Spell power

    If you are feel like you need more survivability, then go for the stamina enchant.

    If you feel like you have good survivability, then use the spellpower enchant to maximise your damage.


    +20 Shadow Damage

    Extra damage!

    If you can't find anyone with this pattern, try looking for someone with Enchant Gloves - Healing power. It will give you 16 Spell power instead of 20 Shadow damage.


    +16 Armor

    Only enchant possible at this level giving any sort of benefit. Around 0.5% physical damage reduction by using this. Every little helps!


    +7 Stamina

    Stamina is good.


    +30 Spell Damage

    More damage!

    1.3 - Talents


    Recommended spec. Extra damage over time (dot) damage. Heal extra with life drain.


    High survivability spec. 10% more stamina, you heal yourself for more and you get the Felguard.

    These are the main specs that are used. Destro sucks pretty hard at these levels, you don't survive very long and your damage is bursty. Chances of killing someone with destro are pretty small in my opinion.

    1.4 - Professions

    As a warlock you will want to go for Mining and Herbalism. With the changes in 3.0.0 launch and now in 4.0.0 you can get a maximum of 225 of any gathering skills and a max of 150 in crafting skills. You won't want to go for any crafting proffessions at level 19 as the stat bonuses given by gathering professions are too good to give up. You may want to go for Mining/Engineering until you get your Lucky fishing hat from the fishing extravaganza on sunday, but once you have it, drop Engineering and go get 225 Herbalism.

    You will not want to go for skinning as a level 19 warlock twink. The stat bonus from 225 skinning is quite small when comparing it to Mining or Herbalism.

    Get an Addon!

    You can help yourself alot by downloading a few addons to help levelup your gathering professions. The most used is Gatherer and Wowhead_GathererDB.
    Download gatherer from curse.com and then go and Download the Wowhead gatherer database and import it into game. To do this, type /gather and select the "database" tab. It will have an option to import the Wowhead Gatherer Database. Click Import and it will take about 30 seconds or so to import the entire database.This will show you all of the possible mining and herbalism nodes in-game so you can see where to go.

    It will save you time, and as Goblins say, "Time is money friend!"


    There are two ways to level up mining in World of Warcraft.

    • Buying
    • Gathering

    The buying way will cost gold, and maybe a lot of it depending on your servers AH. You will just be buying ore and smelting them for levels, all the way up to 225 mining.

    For buying you way you should head over to the mining trainer, learn mining and grab yourself around 100-120 copper ore and smelt them all until it goes green.
    Then go and buy some Tin and smelt that until it goes green as well. You can train journeyman mining and then smelt silver (can be very expensive) until you can smelt iron. Here smelt iron till you can smelt mithril. Smelt mithril until 225. It will be very very slow after 210ish where mithril will turn green.

    The gathering way will cost time and it could take a lot of time depending on how you are doing it.
    You will need a friend for this way, or a bodyguard as the mobs in these areas are in the 30s. Try and get someone with a X-53 Touring Rocket to help you level this profession.

    I recommend going to durotar for 1-65 and mine copper nodes, and you can smelt for skill ups if you want. You can get to about 80 mining doing this, but it is very slow, so just get 65. Then head to Hillsbrad or Stranglethorn and mine tin nodes until 125, smelting for skillups if you want. Once 125 you will need to start mining iron around in Western Plaguelands, or The Cape of Stranglethorn to level until 175. This should be quite fast as there is a lot of iron in those areas. Once you reach 175 you can head to Burning Steppes and mine Mithril all the way up until 225 mining.


    Unlike mining you will have to gather herbs from 1-225, and this is the only way to level this profession.

    You will need to bring a friend with you for the higher up areas (above 150 skill).

    I suggest heading out to durotar to level from 1-70 picking all peacebloom, silverleaf and earthroot you can find until you reach 70. You should then head to silverpine forest and pick all earthroot, mageroyal, and bristlethorn you can find until 125. Once at 125 you can head to Northern Stranglethorn and pick Kingsblood and Bristleweed until 150, then you can also pick up Liferoot. Once you reach 160 skill, you should head into the Cape of Stranglethorn, here you can find a lot of Fadeleaf and Khadgar's Whisper. You could also try going to Western plaguelands once you reach 160 and you can go everywhere. There are a good amount of herbs here too. Once 210 you can go to tanaris and pickup Firebloom until 225, there is plenty of it around. <Screenshot of my character dinging 225 herby>

    Note: These guides for Mining/Herbaslism are what I did. I recommend looking around for ways to level up these professions as there are faster ways on the internet.

    First Aid

    This doesn't really need a guide. Buy cloth from the AH and levelup using it. You can max out at 225, get your main to make Heavy Runecloth Bandages. These have a requirement of level 225 First aid, and these are the ones you will be using all the time. They heal 2000 HP over 8 seconds, it should replenish your health easily. Use them and love them. They are your BEST friend.


    Fishing is very important for twinks. You will need it for the STV fishing extravaganza to help make catching fish a lot easier and quicker. You do not need any level to catch the Rare fish from the STV fishing tournament, but it is advised that you do level it up so you can enjoy faster catching. You can level this up to 525 if you want at level 19. You can fish anywhere to skill up fishing now, and it is pretty easy to reach about 200 in a few hours. Chill to some music while doing it. Always use the cheap lure for 75 free fishing skill as it really helps a lot.
    I advise doing the Fishing daily in Orgrimmar/Stormwind every single day for a free skill and a chance at that cool fishing hat. Grab the +fishing enchant on a pair of white gloves that don't bind to anything, and then you can use these on any character and will make fishing even faster. The enchant is pretty cheap and i always see it on the AH.

    Enjoy fishing, it is relaxing.

    1.5 - Consumables

    As a level 19 warlock there are a range of consumables you can use to help yourself in combat and certain PvP situations.

    You should always take a good supply of;

    You can get bandages through First Aid. Heavy Runecloth Bandages require a skill of 225, which is the maxiumum you can get at level 19. They heal for 2000 hitpoints and should be used when possible to replenish any missing hitpoints you have. When i PvP i go through around 10 a game, and they really make the difference in combat. I love these.

    Healing potions are obtained through Alchemy. It requires only 110 Alchemy to make the best one you can use at level 19, and the reagents for them are pretty cheap. Use them to regenerate HP during combat only, as warlocks can use Soul Harvest to regenerate HP outside combat. Very good in PvP, use them alot. You can only use 1 while in combat, and they have a 60 second cooldown which only starts counting down when you leave combat.

    Swiftness potions are made by Alchemy as well. It requires just 60 Alchemy to make, and the reagents are also very easy to get your hands on. This potion is very situational, for example, you could use it to catch up a rogue who is running away after killing a team mate, or to run away from the enemy team while holding their flag. This potion shares a cooldown with your healing potion, so be careful. It is also a 1 minute cooldown.

    You can get Rumsey Rum Black label from the barkeep in Hillsbrad foothills. It gives you a flat 15 stamina and costs 2 silver per drink. You need to do a simple pre-quest inside the Caverns of time to get into Old Hillsbrad. The quest requires you to follow a draenei around for about 5 minutes, and then you can enter the instance portal. I think you need to be level 65 to get the quest as you can queue for it in the dungeon finder at that level. Use these on every death as they are very easy to get and they offer a very big bonus.

    Elixirs are very limited now after they have made it so a lot of stuff will not stack with them, for example, Scrolls and Elixirs do not stack anymore.

    Click here for a list of Elixirs usable at 19. (Don't look at the last result.)

    Click here for a list of Scrolls usable at 19. (Don't look at the Inscription scroll result)

    1.6 - Player Vs Player

    Once you reach 19, turned off your experience and finally geared out yourself, you should be ready for PvP. You would have picked up the basic how-to on how to play as a warlock when questing and gathering your gear, but in PvP it mostly changes. You will want to be focusing on dotting everyone and everything. Healers can't heal everyone through your epic damage. You need to be trying to keep your dots up on everyone and fearing people attacking you. You need to learn what classes are going to do against your fear, what classes can dispel etc.

    Make sure you use your Soulburn with Life drain all the time. If your imp is down, summon a new one!

    Against rogues you want to put Curse of weakness on them and fear them instantly. If they trinket it, do it again. You want to put yourself into a good position. You can always bandage yourself while he is in the fear. Once back at a good amount of HP, start putting all your dots on him, once you have all your dots, put yourself in a good position, as far away from the rogue as you can. Keep the dots ticking. If he starts to run away, drain life. Just make sure you can get all your dots on them and make sure there is a good gap between yourself and the rogue.

    Against warriors its pretty much the same. Make sure you get him into combat before he can charge and you will have a massive advantage. At this level warriors do huge damage and you may want to think about putting on your AGM to be able to bandage yourself while his rend is still ticking. That thing ticks BIG. Keep him feared, keep distance, make sure Curse of Weakness is on him with all your dots ASAP.

    Against hunters your best bet is to dot him, and run. Use potions of Swiftness for a 50% movement speed increase and get away from them. They do a LOT of burst damage very very fast. Fear them after you have your dots on them, and run. Most people use spiders/bats as pets as they have a form of CC. Bats will stun you for two seconds while spiders can web you in place for a few seconds. Ignore the pets unless you can easily take them down. Try to line of sight (LoS) the hunter once you have your dots on them. Hunters are a pain in the butt for warlocks, and they are one of the hardest classes to kill.

    Against other warlocks, dot them, fear and drain life spam until either one of you die. Keep dots up, use soulburn > drain life when you can. If you can LoS them, do it. You won't have a chance to bandage at all here against this guy unless you pop your AGM. If you are fully geared, you should win.

    Against mages, you want to fear and dot, drain life spam. LoS their "big" spells if possible (fireball, arcane blast, frostbolt). There isn't much else you can do. Mages aren't usually a problem though as they are quite weak in this bracket against other casters. They will try to counterspell everything you do, so you will need to fake cast. Fake casting is when you cast a spell, but cancel it just before they are about to use their silence. This makes them waste it as you can cast freely once they have used it. It is easy when you get used to it, and you can trick bad players all the time by doing this.

    Paladins are a pain, keep your distance, keep curse of weakness on them and keep them dotted the entire time. They don't have many damage abilities, but be careful of protection paladins. Their avenging shield hits for a very big amount and it silences too. Use your trinket to get out of Hammer of Justice, it's a SIX second stun. Trinket hammer of justice as fast as possible.

    Druids aren't that much of a problem apart from Feral. Do the same as rogues. Bane of agony and keep your distance. They can dispel curses, so they may take away your Bane of Agony. If you are a dwarf warlock, make sure you use stoneform to clear their Rake bleed. It ticks for around 300. Not nice.

    Priests are quite easy to take down, just keep your dots on them, shadow priests dont do much dmg and disc/holy won't touch you.


    In conclusion i will say that 19 warlock twinks are quite unique with their abilities and playstyle. They are quite hard to play well, and quite hard to take down when they are being used correctly. If you can master kiting people and doting everyone up you will be top of the battleground constantly and have top damage all the time. You will get the most killing blows and you will become known. I hope you enjoyed reading my guide, it's taken quite a few hours to type and link together everything from scratch, but it was worth it.

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