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    Your Very Own Mini Jouster

    This guide is written from the perspective of the character I was playing when taking all the screen shots, and takes the form of a short letter to a dear old childhood friend he once knew before getting turned into a death knight. Simply follow in these footsteps and you should survive the minigame and have a spify new vanity pet. Just keep your eyes peeled for the breadcrumb quest called The Hatchery Must Burn to get started. I hope you enjoy!

    Dear Friend

    I know its been a while since we talked, but this is Wum.
    You know I was taken by the scourge, but I'm rehabilitated
    now and have fully re-integrated into society... Then, there
    is a damn Cataclysm that threatens to destroy everything.
    Its a coping mechanism right?!

    I'm sending this letter to let you know about something
    amazing I found after making it to Hyjal, alot of stuff is
    on fire right, well we kind of knew that was going on. Turns
    out, its some kind of magmatic invasion from the elemental
    plane of fire. Hey, ask Eperil to gimme the science behind
    how all those elemental plane thingys relate.

    Anyhow, here is the portal I found and you will never guess
    what was on the other side. Yes, its a bloody lost Night Elf
    with a bunch of oversize pigeons. And just like everyone
    else if Hyjal, he needed help.

    ARgggggg, I swear I don't hear voices very often anymore.
    Sometimes they just wont let up though, here is what the
    voice is saying...

    "The controls are very simple for what is essentially
    a minigame. You have one vehicle button when on a bird. You
    button mash that one action to fly with your bird. When you
    hit the action it propels you forward in the direction you
    are facing. The idea is to hold down the right mouse button
    to move your bird the direction you want to go and then mash
    the action to get a little boost in that direction, its kind
    of backwards from the atypical game controls."

    Anyhow I grabbed a jousting spear from the rack next to the
    devious looking Night Elf, always watching him for any
    strange moves. He is just hanging our in the firelands
    after all.

    I then jumped on one of his birds and charged off the cliff
    face and you know what? The damn thing went down like a
    rock, strait into the lava.

    Turns out you have to whack the beast every time you want it
    to flap its wings. Kinda like that mechanical chicken we had
    back in the desert, before I was turned to undeath.

    I can tell you one thing, it was hot as Vorric's
    All-Hell-Furnace-Master 5000 down there. Lucky there was
    some place to stand, and in the distance, I could see the
    stupid Night Elf had a cohort.

    Anyhow, I lunked across the lavafield and hopped on another
    bird. Then, after beating the piss out of it, I finally got
    the hang of things and found out what this guy was really
    wanting me to do.

    There was bloody invasion of Knight Riders! Though not black
    with red spots, these guys were nasty... with a CAPITAL T!!!
    And I tell you what, between whacking the bird, holding on
    for dear life, and trying to Joust! these bloody monsters
    were a pain in my rump.

    I finally got behind one...

    Then above one...

    I was so close, yet so far...

    Then the magic happened... and he fell right into the lava tube...

    It wasn't long before I dispatched with more of the
    creatures and got back to the really annoying Night Elf...
    You know, I don't even remember his name.

    Anyhow... Boy did he have news for me! The sky... well,
    ceiling was falling with giant lava boulders.

    Just don't make the same mistake I made, and forget to
    LOOK UP! Seriously, by this point you should be so
    accustomed to whacking the bird to make it GO! that you
    will finally be deserving of that Beast Torturer Extreme!
    medal you won when we were kids.

    At this point I thought I had things under control and had
    beat the buzzards back. Truth be told my oversize pigeon was
    starting to get annoyed, and sore. But it wasn't over yet!
    The giant rocks stopped falling from the sky and the Knight
    Riders went away, but they had SPAWNED! Eggs everywhere,
    and I mean EVERYWHERE!

    Dispatching the eggs was simple, and honestly, it felt good
    to be back on the ground again after all the flapping about.

    After performing tricks for the Night Elf he rewarded me with
    one of these little guys he coined a 'mini jouster'. I'm not
    one to be vain outside of my trusty animated pumpkin head
    guy, but I thought you would be interested. The thing that
    Irks me, if he's got the mojo to shrink these suckers down,
    why have I been beating to hell out of this poor bird for the
    past twenty minutes killing them... Oh well. Its in the past
    I always say. Worked to get over the Scourge Invasion, so it
    should work for my conscience here too!

    I hope this letter finds you in good health. Truth be told,
    we've not spoken in so long that I do not know if you are
    still alive. AND ONE LAST THING! If You Have Read My Letter
    And You Are Not The Intended Recipient Then I Will Hunt You
    Down And Stab You. You Have Been Warned, STRONGly.

    Your Friend

    Wum ~ Silver Hand
    Templars of Dawn
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    This made my smile and feel like I am having a great day.

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    This made me smile and feel like I am having a great day.

    *fixed : (*

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    Lol, very nice, definitely a good read..

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    10/10. So awesome
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    You do know what islands in the ocean do right?
    They float
    true story

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    Lol, this is awesome.

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