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    How to make a Good Looking Bank/Auction House Alt

    What's up Boys and Girls, I know why you're here, you want a flashy, attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind, bank alt. After all, who doesn't?
    Looking your best while going back and forth from the Auction House to the Bank in Ironforge, Stormwind, or Orgrimmar is most definitely a crucial part of the game, and hey, who doesn't like looking good right?

    1. Name: To look good, you also need a funny, eye grabbing name, it can be really stupid, or it can be really clever, lets start this off simple, what we want to achieve is not only an appearance that is attention-worthy, but a name too. Depending on your race, will heavily affect what kind of name you might have, so if we've got a Tauren or Gnome Bank/AH Alt, think of some clever names, like, "Cashcow", or "Lowestprices", maybe even something as basic as "Hotdealz".

    2. Clothes (Body): Now as you strut back and forth from the Auction House to the Bank, you might not have the bling, but you're already your first step into getting their attention, did you see that? I think someone just fainted from the pure awesomeness of your name! Looks like we're off to a good start! Pimpin' out a Bank/AH Alt Is a very Important step, Depending on the look or fashion you're going for, I recommend styling yourself with a nice set of Seasonal Gear! That's right, Seasonal gear, why? because it doesn't have any level requirements, stupid! Now Time is Money, as we all know, so govern yourself accordingly to make your Bank/AH Alt around one of the several world events in Azeroth! How about, Brewfest, Winter Veil, or Pilgrim's Bounty! they all sport fashionable sets of clothes, but be warned, they only come around once a year, and besides, who doesn't want to see an Alt Zig-zagging from the Auction House to the Bank looking like Santa, err Great-Father Winter!?

    3. Clothes (Head): Now you've got your awesome Winter Veil/Brewfest/Pilgrim's Bounty/Pimp/Love is in the Air/Day of the Dead Set on, throw out the helmet! real Bank/AH Alts make a scene with the amazing, one of a kind, Attention-grabbing Ruby Shades!!!! Equip: Increases the chance to be the center of attention. Refusal to wear this, is like refusal to go out on a date with a Super Model! You've got to be CRAZY to NOT wear these Badboys!!!

    4. "The" Roleplay: We've finished your set, look at yourself! I can't keep my gorgeous eyes off you! And now that you've got the stuff, flaunt it as you press the WALK button Key-Binding as you travel from Point A to B. Roleplay, as one would guess, is all about staying in character, and doing that exactly, while holding some Roses, a Cane or even fishing pole!!! (but thats only for the real badboys). As you take your strut, /laugh, spit, salute, cheer, dance or even sleep at people as you walk past, Assert your dominance, the ol' fashioned way, my stylish friend! And with those Ruby Shades, it doesn't matter if it doesn't match the set you're wearing, now you're guarunteed to hit jackpot with both great sales on Auction House, and with that unresistable Strut, as you slowly RULE the Trade District/Commons/Valley of Strength/etc. , people will just be begging to get your Autograph!

    Keep it Real Folks, and enjoy yourselves while you feel what celebrities feel every day, and no, not god-awful hangovers, regret, pressure, insanity, and a screwed up mind from Drug Abuse! I mean all the Fame, Attention, and Screenshots from Fans! because now, you're living like a Movie Star, not a Bank Alt. Now get to it, Your main needs some more Bank Space!
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