View Poll Results: How will you spend the new year's eve?

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  • Going to a public countdown event

    4 3.51%
  • Going to a party

    42 36.84%
  • Having friends over

    27 23.68%
  • Alone at home

    41 35.96%
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    first eating with family and enjoying traditions. then drinking my brain out with the closest friends.

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    The Patient Livvy's Avatar
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    Bristol, UK.
    Travelling up to Leeds (anyone gonna be there?!) and drinking. Alot

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    Playing WoW but also sending txt's and being on the phone with ppl that keep naggin at me for staying home.

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    My New Year's Eve

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    Probably get out and have a few (many) beers with my mates.
    If not, then I'll stay home and play wow or css.

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    I'll be at work.

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    Getting my pregnant gf hot pockets and juice...yea we're boring
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Bloodsail Admiral Scifix's Avatar
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    I will be out drinkin, probably shooting fireworks at people

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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerN View Post
    Will be eating turkey with my family, then i'll sleep. Cant stand the ammount of drunk people on new year's eve.
    This. I never understood the concept of getting drunk, I guess it's just lack of imagination to do other stuff. But as always, I'll probably watch my girlfriend getting drunk until she passes out, makes me giggle everytime.

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    Will spend it at home with my fiance. Drinking :P

    Not sure what'll happen later that night. Hopefully I'll remember

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    Eh just another day of the year. I really don't care as much as some people.

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    Old God
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    Working the evening of, then working the following morning, both are time and a half though so 16 hours at $16/hr is pretty damn good I'd say. Plus tips plus free beers after work.

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    Working at a restaurant, serving all the drunkies! The life of a waitress... /sigh

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    Drinking with my friends. Dec 31st is also my birthday so double drunkenness

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    Happy Birthday!!!

    No plans as of now, but I may do something.

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    Was gonna go out drinking, but apparently my paycheck doesnt get transferred to my account untill tomorrow....


    So yeah, probably gonna do as in the OPs image lol. I'd rather shoot myself than go out with my friends with them being drunk and me being sober D:

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    The Lightbringer Asrialol's Avatar
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    I'll be consuming a great number of beverages with some friends. In Ironforge.

    Seriously though, Turkey. Family. Good time. Then out and get drunk.

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    The Patient
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    Nebula Cascade
    Playing WoW/Global Agenda at home.
    All 3 of my friends are out of the country for new years.
    ...Yay for being alone!
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    Not yet sure... but good times will be had.

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    Gonna spend 4 hours watching TotalBiscuit's New Year's special podcast, ofcourse! >:P

    Edit: Well...listening...

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