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    how big is Azeroth?

    as in distance and size. i was reading the tides of darkness and the orcs(an army which means they would move very slowly) can cross mountains in a matter of days and cross from Lordearon all the way to Kaz modan in 5 days. however when Lothar and the rest of SW ppl arrived they needed 5 days just to get from Southshore to Lordearon.

    I AM SO CONFUSED! how big is this place?

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    A friend told me once that Azeroth (Not Northrend nor Outland) was almost as big as Denmark. It can't be true, but I haven't actually thought about it.

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    Good question including wotlk area.
    You should try a google search. I Found this : http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2007/01/...s-azeroth.html

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    Say, stormwind is a somewhat small city if used irl. That cite 10 or 20 time is around the width of the eastern kingdoms. I guess that's around 50 km.

    From http://tobolds.blogspot.com/2007/01/...-azeroth.html:

    So what I did was run from the east end of Thousand Needles to the west coast of Feralas, because you can do so in pretty much a straight line. I timed it, and crossing the width of the continent of Kalimdor running took me 18 minutes and 35 seconds. That makes the distance 3.7 miles. That means the continent of Kalimdor is 41 square miles (just over 100 square kilometers) big, and the world of Azeroth pre-Burning Crusade is about 80 square miles or 200 square kilometers.

    I called Kalimdor a continent. But at 41 square miles it doesn't really qualify. The island of Manhattan has 20 square miles, and somebody else compared it to Azeroth. He used a different method, but ended up with a similar result. The Isle of Wight, a small island in the channel between the UK and the European continent, is 146 square miles, and thus bigger than the World of Warcraft including Outland. Azeroth is a pretty small place.
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    Well, lore-wise or ingame? Lore-wise Eastern Kingdoms are... IDK, about as big as Africa? Ingame it takes about 7 minutes to fly from the very southern tip to the ghostlands portal on a 310% with 10% speed guild perk. Old world flying sure made the continent smaller...

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    im talking about lorewise

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    I would think it's much bigger lore wise, But I don't honestly know.
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    The best we can guess is "It's thiiiiiis big!"

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    my guess lore wise: earth size.
    you can't use in-game movement mechanics to judge how big an area is effectively.
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    Azeroth is presented in World of Warcraft in a sort of 'Cartoon Big-Head Syndrome' manner, in that scale is thrown into massive loops of inconsistancy for the sake of making the game enjoyable to play. Look at a game like, Star Wars MMO, where everything is 1:1 and you end up with utterly inconceivably massive areas of utter nothingness inbetween everything of use. In WoW, it's all compacted and sumarized, kinda like a map.

    As for how big it is in lore? I doubt there's mention of it, but likely roughly the size of Earth to account for identical gravity (Otherwise everything would be taller and more slender)

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