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    Facts about you.

    Sup errbody. Let's play a little game (that sounds really lame) - I suppose these are all just one in the same. It's called "Facts about you"

    Rather than explaining it, I'll just go:

    -I play da' cello
    -I play WoW (elusive, right?)
    -I go to university
    -I write (<3 poetry)
    -I sing (loudly) in the shower (What else is there to do...wash?)
    -I have a love/hate relationship with the gym
    -I'm stuck in shitty Michigan. I'd love to move to somewhere like Miami or Cali, but I'm convinced that "The grass is always greener on the other side" applies strongly here
    -I'm really bored
    -I start classes up in a few days
    -I was a journalism major, then switched to english, and now I think I'm settled on finance
    -I'm gonna minor in French
    -I'd love to to a study abroad program over the next couple years
    -I pay for a vent server even though money's tight and I don't even have a guild
    -I wish I had more money, but if I won the lottery, I know it would ruin my life.
    -Life's too short
    -You never remember the moments when you got enough sleep.

    Ones I probably added after you read this once (or you're just reading it now. If that's the case, cool)

    -I've only been on a handful of dates before and never a serious relationship
    -I'm a grammar nazi but try to tune that portion of my brain out
    -You should come in my vent and visit me! (PM for info )
    -I hate texting, but it's just so damn convenient. I think it stunts social development in kids.
    -I think way too deep about stuff
    -I wish I had a dog
    -dorm rooms are small and shitty
    -I broke both the bones in my right leg (tibia and fibula or something) in a sack race in high school (fml). I've got like a dozen screws and a plate between them bones.
    -I wish I could cook
    -I really, really like Muse (and dubstep (and rap))
    -I'm one of the only black (well, like 1/2 black or some other similar fraction) people that I know that plays WoW
    -Going to an urban university, I get a lot of smack for playing video games and not aspiring to be a rapper.
    -I am less inclined to blame those who stereotype than those who actively reinforce them.
    -I never get angry. I honestly can't remember the last time I was truly mad at someone.
    -I'm very easy-going and accept life's ups and downs
    -I have a very amorphous vocabulary. I can almost pass as black when I'm around a bunch of super-hood-ghetto-thugs, but I'm the whitest kid in the group when with a bunch of suburban kids.
    -I swear more than I'd like to.
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    I run a satire / humor blog site very The Onion-esque. It's like taking trolling to another level.

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    I play the piano.
    I wasted 2 of my life trying to major in English. (Not due to failing.)
    I've been in the same relationship for 5 years now.
    I've rerolled 9 times since I started playing back in Vanilla.
    I currently work in a record shop, trying to save so I can go back to university.
    I'm Canadian.
    I have a caffeine addiction.
    My favourite movie is "Thank you for Smoking".
    My favourite band is "Alice in Chains".
    My favourite game is "Bully"
    I currently own 738 Cds.
    One of my front teeth is black due to a dead root.
    And I've run out of things to say.
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    Interesting. I'll give it a go.

    -I'm short- 4' 10.5"
    -I'm female.
    -My boyfriend plays Alliance, I play Horde.
    -I love to read.
    -I love the color purple.
    -I'm a huge supporter of LGBT rights.
    -I love classical music.
    -I love photography and taking nature photos.
    -I have a sewing machine and have not purchased a handbag since I bought it; I make them.
    -I've never broken a bone, had a tooth cavity or been to the emergency room, but I've sprained my right ankle four times and my left ankle once.
    -I'm clumsy.
    -I love to cook.
    -I have a 3 year old American Pitt/White English Bulldog mix who is my world, and is spoiled rotten. Her name is Delilah, and she shares the bed with my boyfriend and I.
    I think that's about all I can think of for facts about me that nobody really cares about. :P
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    -I started playing the guitar atleast six times, but I can never seem to stick with it.
    -I work as a enginner in the local firebrigade.
    -I'm a kung fu instructor, and a gymnastics instructor, and I love working out (maybe a bit to much)
    -I do yoga every morning, at 05:30
    -I live in norway, and I can't stand winter and snow (not a good combination)
    -I'm at work
    -I play wow very very casual, and have resently bought red dead redemption for my PS3
    -This summer I'm going to afrika on an adventure trip for three weeks.
    -I have to remove several tons of snow from my driveway later today.
    -I belive life is what you make it, and that you get a lot further with a smile and a positive atitude.
    -For some reason, I don't get angry.
    -I can listen to almost any kind of music, but it is very mood dependent.
    -Like linadianna, I never broke a bone, but i severly sprained both my right and left ankle.
    -Beside acrobatics, kung fu and yoga, i also do grappeling, running and climbing.
    -I'm a firm beliver in "Mens sana in corpore sano", "A healty mind in a healthy body"
    -I don't see or talk enough to all my friends around the world.
    -I play chess, and realy wish I was better (keep losing to a friend that I play against weekly).
    -I love riddles and mind challenges.


    -I play a little online poker, and the reason i brought that up, is because my avatar there is the same as warwithin use here.
    -I have a dog, his name is Whiskey, he is a bull terrier miniature, and he was close to last in line when brains was handed out. But he is the most lovable dog ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morhaz View Post
    -I play a little online poker, and the reason i brought that up, is because my avatar there is the same as warwithin use here.
    Heh, nice. I've got a weekly poker group at university and have done a small bit of online poker myself. (I'm not really amazing, but I have fun, haha)
    I run a satire / humor blog site very The Onion-esque. It's like taking trolling to another level.

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    -I have fibromyalgia/arthiritis
    - Married
    - In my 30s
    - Like various music - pop, rock, symphonic metal (no rap or country though)
    -Never broke a bone
    -Love animals

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    -I play rugby
    -I play wow but no one knows.
    -I like dance music and hate metal. (Ok I'm a bullshitter. Most metal ((screamo)).
    -I'm getting my associates in graphic design (srs brains)
    -I also hate texting but I talk on the phone as often as possible.
    -I'm 6'4", creme blue eyes and short brown hair. bench 180lbs and run 5 miles every day (hey ladies).
    -20 years old.
    -been playing wow for 5 going on 6 years and still no one knows I play.
    -work for the state college
    (is it just me or am i accidentally turning this thread into a dating service)
    -know some Nihongo and Espanol (more than Konnichiwa and hola).
    -I am not a gamer but I do play wow at least 16 hours a week and play League of Legends on the side.
    -I have gone to LAN parties where we all played games and got drunk (still not a gamer).
    -Wishes majoring in philosophy would help me in life.
    -Has Canadian and American dual citizenship (stupid Canada. Now I need to just get my pass port and free meds here I come).
    -Favorite Band is Red Hot Chili Peppers though it's often arguable.
    -Favorite movie is 10 items or less (With Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega)
    -Favorite dish is spaghetti with angel-hair noodles.
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    If curiosity killed the cat, why can't speculation kill you?

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    Manchester, England
    - I'm 23
    - I'm from Manchester, England
    - Im doing a Masters Degree in Music Composition @ York St John University in York, England.
    - I'm a multi-instrumentalist (Drums, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, and a bit of Piano --- And yes, the Voice is considered an instrument)
    - I Love WOW but barely have time to play anymore
    - I work in a clothes shop
    - I've been in a long term relationship for over 6 years
    - I love animals
    - I like various sports (Football (soccer), Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Baseball and Cycling
    - I ride a fixed gear bicycle.

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    im 21
    im from mullsjö in sweeden
    im a multi-instrumentalist aswell, (drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, piano, sax, basickly, give me a instrument and i play it)
    i played wow, stopped due to i found a ally GF (im horde lol)
    i hate sports like football or hockey, but i doo love E-sports
    i love driving, been driving a car, truck, cyckle (spell? :S) scooter, mc, snowscooter but i dont have anny dricing license AT ALL, except to drive "folkerace"
    i make music
    i love music,
    music is my life <33

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    This side of an imaginary line in the sand

    I am 24.
    I am female.
    I am Canadian.
    I like Hockey and am a Montréal Canadiens fan.
    I am bi, in a relationship, and she is in Central Florida.
    I have an unhealthy IT hobby.
    I am a graphics designer/3d animator/illustrator.
    I've always wanted to visit France, the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Switzerland.
    I've been to 3 States. Florida, Virginia, and Washington.
    Most of my family is from a small town in Newfoundland.
    I am an audiophile and will listen to anything that isn't crappy modern pop country or ear piercing opera.

    That's all I can come up with right now.
    red panda red panda red panda!

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    Behind you
    I have never seen Pulp Fiction
    Steven Tyler's mouth creeps me out

    Thanks to Scythen for the sig

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    I'm 22.
    I'm female.
    I'm engaged to my fiance of 5 years!
    We have our own house, on two acres of land out in the middle of no where.
    I have 3 German Shepherds. Hugo, Cammy, and Jack (puppy <3) They're a major handful... sometimes I feel like they're plotting to take over the world.
    My grandpa willed me a car when he passed away. I've nicknamed this car Jack, like I did my new puppy.. I also can't drive it, my fiance does. Standard, ftl.
    I have a pillow pet, the cow!!
    I LOVE cows! White cows, with black patches! I collect any cow thing I see. Must have.
    I love to cook and bake. Cookies are my favorite thing to cook.
    But i don't have a stove/oven yet
    I'm a registered CNA; but I don't like caring for old people too much. I've gotten a few black eyes from working in the nursing home.
    I LOVE Sonic, the drive thru. I also love DQ.
    I LOVE living in Texas.
    I'm from Chesapeake VA. I'm a Navy brat.
    My dad was an E8, senior chief. But he retired when he was offered Master Chief. He's also a meteorologist, and now he's a truck driver.
    I have two siblings. A sister, 14, and a brother, 11. Named Dallas and Austin, because I was born in Texas. They weren't!
    I love animals. Especially cows, dolphins, turtles, and elephants. If I see a turtle trying to cross the road, I pull over and put it on the other side.
    I'm an OCD cleaner.
    I sleep a lot.
    I've been in a lot of relationships, but I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18. I lost it to my fiance. It was special.
    I ALSO met my fiance over WoW. He lived in Connecticut, and moved down here so fast it wasn't funny.

    Eh.. that's enough :P

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    in your mind
    let's see,
    i'm 21
    i'm dutch
    i've been playing wow since mid/late vanilla, but never seriously raided until wrath, same with heroics (didn't get further then kara)
    i have two snake pets, (pantherophis guttata)
    i love firearms, and i wish they weren't illigal
    i have a wide spread love for music (from dance to heavy metal)
    i have alot of games, but only played most of them once thourgh
    i am doing a new study in Arnhem, Eco and wildlife, i'm in 3d year now
    i'm a good cook
    i'm single, and never had a serious relationship
    i'm mildly autistic, and have trouble opening up to ppl, i wish i trusted people more
    i love food, especially meat
    i play warhammer 40000 table top game. (black templars and tyranids)
    i'm have a bit of a limp due to muscle fatigue that's been going on for more then a year(thank you internships (i'm in therapy tho))
    i'm trying to get my driver's license since 3 years, but had to stop 5 times (thank you abroad internships -.-)
    i secretly want to join the navy/dutch airforce, but my family would kill me if i did
    i love going out, but i rarly do it
    i'm living in dorms since i'm 18, and love it !
    i love animals, especially reptiles.
    i hate ppl that are obviously a hypocrit. (like hippies , PM me if you wanna know why)
    monkey's freak me out! they look too human
    i hae a very very deep hate for rogues. i really. really. really. hate them. they just have no honour, and should get -50% honour imo
    and i don't like gnomes. thier just wired and ugly
    i love my htc legend, it's an awesome phone
    i love skittels (they are holy)
    i one of the few ppl i know who doesn't care about footbal (or soccer, for the americans)
    i don't believe that global warming is caused by humans, or is bad. ( belive that it's natural occurance)
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    'Something's awry.' -Duhgan 'Bel' beltayn

    'A Man choses, a Slave obeys.' -Andrew Rayn

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    European Union
    - 16 year old boy from Sweden.
    - Can be quite grumpy because I travel 1½ hour per day with bus; I'm used to biking short distances.
    - I'm studying to become a programmer.
    - My favorite singer ever is Eduard Khil.
    - I love joking about politics and religion, despite being the main reasons I got kicked from my guilds. I made them "feel uncomfortable".
    - I love browsing disturbing things despite getting nightmares of them.
    - I love drawing.
    - I want gnomes to take a more serious approach in lore.
    - I am/was an attention whore/woe is me-guy, although I'm working on becoming a "healthy" person (if you want to see it that way) now.
    - I am an officer in a RP guild. I still don't know how I deserved it.
    - I'm creating this own fantasy-sci-fi-steampunk kind of world and draw inspiration from everything - food, sights, music, everything. Sadly I don't know how to record it. I'm an awful writer, my comic style is extremely cartoony it's awfully hard to comprehend something serious from it, I can't make movies and yeah, that's what I can come up with from the top of my head.

    Anyone want to date me?

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    i play guitar and a lil piano(would love to get better at both)
    I hate talking on the phone, even if its just to order a pizza
    I hate people who act like stereotypes
    I want to be a lawyer
    I have a ton of ideas for video games/movies/books but i hate actually writting them out(i just add to them in my head)
    I am trying to write a Rock Opera(similar to The Who's Tommy)
    I like to cook, but only for myself, cooking for too many people isnt that much fun for me
    Im a bit cynical
    I love Doctor Who
    I usually talk about The Who in almost every conversation dealing with music
    I rly want to visit England
    I dont like Anime
    I been on a few dates, but i cant rly tell when someone is flirting with me or not
    Politically I am a Conservative, but i dont rly believe in the traditional concept of God
    I absolutly hate Rap and HipHop
    I swear quite a bit, but i hate those who get offended by it, words only have power if you give them it
    I am 18yrs old and live in Pennsylvania, USA
    I dont rly connect with my generation when it comes to music/TV
    I hate MTV and i think it should be off the air

    Derailed the Cereal Thread

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    United States of America
    - I'm a 22 male living in the United States
    - I'm going to school, but considering going into the military
    - I started playing WoW two years ago
    - I hate PvP with a passion
    - I'm LDS (Mormon)
    - I hate sports
    - I'm constantly daydreaming
    - I have ADD
    I'm just a fan of a brand new wiki:
    A one stop place to help you get your favorite PCGames not only running on your machine, fix issues you might have, find the latest patches from the developers or fans, and more.
    It's a brand new site, so help out by contributing.

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    This side of an imaginary line in the sand
    Few more things I suppose.

    I like my Blackberry Bold 9000, but I want a Torch... ._.
    I used to watch afternoon talk shows and soap operas with my mother when I was a kid. I believe this shaped my distaste for modern society, especially in the United States.
    George Carlin is my hero. May he rest in peace. <3
    My forum name is my first name.
    I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I love the scenery, the cool air, and the smell of frost, but I hate wind, blowing snow, freezing rain and black ice.
    I am trying to quit drinking Coca Cola, as it is making me fat in the wrong places. >
    Been playing WoW since 3 months after release, my first server was a second generation server.
    Without fail, every expansion I start out playing a mage. In TBC and Wrath I ended up switching characters. Hopefully I won't have to this expansion!
    red panda red panda red panda!

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    Jan 2011
    Alabama, US
    - I'm a 24 yo female in the US
    - I'm female
    - I adore my boyfriend =)
    - I'm korean/irish/dutch
    - I have a 7 month old Husky
    - I have a weenie dog and chihuahua
    - I have a 55 gallon aquarium with lots o fishy
    - I enjoy working out (More of a new thing ^^ )
    - I love a variety of music (Tho not fond of country or rap hah )
    - I live in the country
    - I used to play the piano (more like forced when I was younger)
    - I was going to college to be a vet.
    - I have two brothers
    - I am divorced
    - I have been playing wow since.. 2 months before TBC was released.
    - I love my Motorola Droid Pro
    - My sinful addiction is Torchwood ^^;
    - I love creative writing.
    - Currently am in the process of the first chapter of my book
    - My main is a Paladin
    - My first was a hunter
    - I HATE pvp juss not my cup o tea
    - I work too much
    - I play WoW too much =P

    Hmmm that's it I think LOL for now mwahaha.
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    Oct 2008
    The Netherlands
    I´m 18 years old
    I´m male
    I´m Dutch
    I play piano, guitar and drums (i also sing, but it's not a good thing to hear xD)
    I study for physiotherapist
    I have 2 dogs
    I play football (/soccer), gymnastics and running
    I want to play wow again, will do it after some exams
    I have had about 20 injuries because of football

    There's a lot more, but well... I'm not telling my whole life xD
    Pokemon Y / Pokemon OR
    Friendcode: 0791-2124-3938 (IGN: Michiel)

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    Watisdisidonteven. Bragging thread? Here we go. Haven't got any fancy phones or crap but... My IRL achievements.

    - I got my first computer when I was 4 years old, a C64. I've been a gamer and nerd since.
    - I started programming when I was around 10, but I switched to hardware, modding and clocking when I was about 13.
    - I backpacked in Australia when I was 12.
    - I won the world's biggest LAN's most respected girl-title when I was 15.
    - I moved to Japan alone when I was 18. Which I then ditched to move to Norway to my boyfriend.
    - I met my boyfriend in the Barrens 5 years ago.
    - I love fashion, to be creative and worked in a clothing store.
    - I've raided as a resto shaman since early vanilla but rerolled prot paladin in cataclysm.
    - I'm turning 22 on sunday, wuh, cake! \o/
    - I'm called Little IRL, which is also my ingame nick.
    - I love to party with my boyfriend, especially in Tokyo, and I'm hoping to move there with him in the near future.

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