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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    -Male 15 Canada.
    -I am Muslim and don't mind other beliefs but hate people who hate me over religion, or race.
    -Have dual citizenship (U.S./Canada).
    -I am a major nerd, and teachers seem to like me a lot.
    -Get good grades.
    -Most of my friends are white, I am the only African kid in my group.
    -Play too much WoW.
    -Love to draw, its my one talent I guess.
    -Most of my friends either share my WoW obsession with me, or play other video games.
    -Hate the snow.
    -I am very picky with music.
    -Don't have a favorite band, or type of music, I just look for a message, thus is why I hate modern pop, with all this Lady gaga, Miley Cirus, Katey Parriey junk that has taken over every teenage girl in my town.
    -Enjoy comedy, and comedic music, or music with a good message (like world peace).
    -Don't like hipsters like hippies, mods, or kids who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and do drugs to look cool.
    -Don't like drugs (Alcohol, tobacco, and anything else, unless it is used for medicinal purposes).
    -Like forum.
    -Like conspiracy theories, though in some cases they aren't much of a theory.
    -I am on u'r accountz trading u'r purplz

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    -I'm considered "tall" for my age. (15, Female, 5'10" )
    -I'm overweight by about 20-30lbs. Moo.
    -I've lived in Georgia since I was 4, but I don't have the typical country accent.
    -I have a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it's a collagen deficiency. (My skin stretches, my joints are weak, so on, so forth. )
    -I'm home schooled due to that. ^
    -I've broken and dislocated one ankle on Christmas Eve, (It's got two metal pins in it now! )and recently fractured the other.
    -Most people can't pronounce my name on the first try. (+3 Internets to you if you can. It's Zillah. )
    -I love to draw.
    -I've worn glasses since I was 12.
    -I grew up playing Pokemon. I still play it.
    -I have three dogs, a Great Pyrenees, an Australian Shepherd, and a Chihuahua Terrier. (Whom, might I add, barely has any teeth left at this point, and usually sports a colorful mohawk.)
    -I'm terrified of heights, needles, and internal parasites.
    -My entire family plays Horde, I play Alliance.
    -I love horror movies, and almost anything Zombie related.
    -I can't sing. At all. It sounds /horrible/.
    -I hate hot weather, especially humid hot.
    -I like 'collecting' jackets and t-shirts. Especially trench coats.
    -I collect swords and knives.
    -I've never dated, and really have no interest at it in the moment.
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    oceanside, CA
    - im 22
    - female
    - i love reading
    - my husband got me into wow when he was stationed in japan
    - my favorite color is pink
    - i have two puppys that i love very much, they are my kids
    - i was in orchestra for 14 years, i played the viola
    - i was named after nikki six (my dad was really into motley crew)
    - my husband and i have known each other since 2nd grade
    - i love tattoos

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    - 25 years old
    - unemployed, with my national certification as a Pharmacy Technician
    - been playing wow for 6 years (started playing a few months before the AQ war effort patch)
    - been with my GF for 3 years (and hopefully the rest of my life)
    - i want to visit (if not move to) Japan sometime in the future
    - my favorite video game series is the Monster Hunter Series
    - i watch anime (japanese with english subs) and read manga
    - favorite series would be Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, and Air Gear
    - i love my rx7 (even tho she doesn't run)

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    -I am 27
    -I am married and my wife plays wow with me
    -I am an artist
    -I am currently working on a mmo that will not even rival wow in the slightest
    -I am a second degree blackbelt in tang soo do
    -I have a batchlers degree in Game Art
    -I love lamp?

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    - I'm 24 years old, but I can never remember how old I am.
    - I'm 1/2 Native American (Navajo). I even have a census number from the Bureau of Indian Affairs!
    - I grew up off the Reservation and have never met another Native American (other than my mom and sister).
    - People often mistake me for Indian/Pakistani/Hispanic, and I always disappoint. (Sorry, I only speak English!)
    - I have a very long memory, but a terrible short memory. I open a browser window and forget what website I was going to search for way too often.
    - I've never broken a bone, but I have sprained an ankle and jammed a toe real bad. I re-injured it two days after I lost my health insurance. Two years later, it still bothers me.
    - I have a cat named Little Foot, who also goes by Lazy Foot, Chicken Foot, and Chickens.
    - When I had a car, I typically drove 110 mph on the highway. I only ever got one speeding ticket--when I was doing 75!!
    - When I moved to the city, I couldn't afford a car anymore, and now I have to take the bus EVERYWHERE. It's awful.
    - I work at a vintage clothing/thrift store.
    - I worked at a piercing studio for 4 years. I can tell the gauge of a wire with my naked eye!
    - My main is a holy/shadow priest, but druids are my favorite class. I have TWO at 85. One resto/balance, the other feral cat/bear. >D
    - I want to be a librarian.

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    This looks fun

    -I'm 20
    -I'm female
    -I live in California
    -I love drawing pictures
    -I go to college
    -I'm really nice, no one ever saw me mad
    -It's really hard for me to get mad
    -I use to have a ball python named Neztar (Don't ask)
    -I play WoW
    -I play LOCO
    -I listen to pop mostly
    -I got a long scar on my back and looks really cool!
    -I love my shadow priest
    -I like singing when no one is around xP
    -I still watch Spongebob
    -I fell off horses countless times
    -A lizard once went in my shirt and came out of my bra x.x
    -I play Warcraft lll and make dungeon maps (sucky ones but I'm getting better!)
    -I'm 5'5 ft.
    -I don't drink alcohol
    -I don't do drugs, weed etc.
    -I love reading the Lemony Snicket Series
    -I'm Mexican but I act white xP
    -Blue, purple, teal are my favorite color
    -I love grapes!
    -I love pasta! So yummy!
    -I have been craving pancakes with strawberries for the past 2 weeks
    -Me and my mom live in a rented room at my aunt's house (2 stories) I love it though!
    -My first real kiss was when I was 17
    -I'm more attracted to Asians and Caucasians
    -I want a gray cat and name it Luna (girl) Cosmis (boy)
    -My birthday is Oct. 11 xP
    -I'm typing a story for my own amusement lol

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    A dark place...
    - I'm 20
    - I was born the day the world is supposed to end, so if it does happen I'll be a even age when I die =D
    - I play wow with my boyfriend, he's my pocket tank <3
    - I have a cats named MoMo, Munkie, and Salem.
    - I have a hedge hog named Shaymin.
    - I'm 5' even and people like to man-handle me because of it.
    - I <3 TES games and had a giggle fit when I read about Skyrim
    - I lived in the desert and had to drive 2hrs to get to the nearest grocery store, it sucked =(
    - My favorite color is purple or blue...
    - I have 2 tattoo, hopefully gonna get my 3rd soon. Its gonna be Azuras Moon & Star from Morrowind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmask View Post
    -I love lamp?
    Made me lol so hard XD

    The mean man punted Baxter!!
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    -i'm a 80's cartoon freak, i have the thundercar sys. tatto on my left arm getting transformers done next
    -i love old school ps1 rpg's over next gen ones
    -i work for gamestop
    -i live in hell!!!! (charlotte, nc)
    -i like to read, A LOT!
    -i have a neon nintendo sign that i love
    -i'm a big fan of muscials grease is the SHIT!
    -i'm from cali
    -i miss in n out
    -i drink almost nothing but Barq's rootbeer it's the gift of the gods
    -b-day is jan, 15th
    -i listen to all type of music but manily ganster rap and jazz

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    - I love greens and blues in most shades.
    - I hate sharing my food when I haven't intended to. HANDS OFF MY PLATE.
    - I'm freezing atm.
    - I fell for my ex while he pretended to be a woman.
    - I'm gorgeous.
    - I'm blunt and honest, which is often mistaken for cruel.
    - I am a very territorial partner.
    - I wish I lived somewhere in the UK. I really dislike Swedish people.

    - I also lol'd at all the girls going "I'm female" as one of their first facts. Lol!
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    -22 years old
    -I'm always told that I'm a very sweet individual and I really am, but only around people that are worth it or matter to me.
    -Not a people person.
    -I love animals
    -Ride horses
    -Love nature
    -Always dreamed of living on a bit of land in a small cottage.
    -I like skiing (though not very good at it), hiking, biking, swimming, people watching, camping etc
    -When I think of myself as a whole, my boyfriend fills in half of the thought. I love him so much!
    -I danced ballet for 12 years before my body and my mother's wallet couldn't handle it any longer.
    -My best friend growing up was a midget and the youngest of 12 children.
    -I remember the first steps I ever took. I was 8 months old and at the park. My sister had climbed up the slide and I wanted to follow, so I stood up, walked over to and proceeded to climb up it.
    -I have a terrible short term memory and am pretty clumsy.
    -I'm a goof.
    -I'm honest, blunt and respectful.
    -I am Atheist.
    -I don't wear makeup and hate when people do and actually rely on it to appreciate how they look.
    -I wear and love my vibram fivefingers and give dirty looks to the people who give me dirty looks. They look odd, but they don't know what they're missing out on.
    -I have trouble saying no because I don't want to be disrespectful.
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    - I'm 19
    - I'm incredibly average
    - I'm a photographer, I also enjoy graphic design and web development.
    - I love good coffee.
    - I hate junk food and sugar filled drinks (energy drinks, that crappy coffee from starbucks etc)
    - I enjoy cooking, I find it relaxing.
    - I want to live in Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by xXMATINEEXx View Post
    - I wish I lived somewhere in the UK. I really dislike Swedish people.
    Trust me the UK isn't as great as some people might think.

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    Trust me the UK isn't as great as some people might think.
    Trust me, I know all about it. Been to England at least 20 times. But I like it there, despite all the bad things.

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    Nov 2010
    Colorado, USA.
    - I'm 24 years old, but nobody believes me when I tell them that. I always get carded for booze, lottery tickets, and occasionally R-rated movies.
    - I play viola, violin, guitar, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, didgeridoo, psaltery, and I sing. Main things are viola and voice.
    - I've toured to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand through my musical endeavors.
    - I'm an artist, specializing in portraits and character art, as well as 3-D terrain modeling in Maya.
    - My boyfriend also plays WoW (his main is a Rogue), and we raid together. We met in WoW, when we had a Chain Heal war in front of the Dalaran portals one evening.
    - I have three cats and two dogs, but I'm much more of a cat person.
    - I love power metal, symphonic metal, classical music, and oldies/rock. I like some of everything else except gangsta rap (White and Nerdy is the only "gangsta rap" I've enjoyed)
    - I have really bad luck with getting sick/injured at inopportune times. Go go weak immune system and frail body!
    - I have Asperger syndrome, and I get seriously obsessed with weird things. At the moment, it's World of Warcraft and medical literature.
    - I'm about to start my EMT/Paramedic certification course! Finally putting that medical literature knowledge to use!
    - I've only met one vegetable I didn't like, and that was Asian bitter melon. (Technically it's a fruit, but it sure isn't used as one)
    - I am not afraid to try unusual foods as long as it doesn't involve brains or eyeballs. Pidan egg? Yup. Stinky tofu? Sure. Chocolate-covered ants? Full of protein!
    - Hand trauma and being burnt in a fire (and surviving) are my two greatest fears.
    - I read between 600-800 words per minute, depending on the difficulty of the text.
    - I learned to read at age 2.
    - My first words were "Butterfly" and "Moth." (OK, I said them more like "buttfly" and "moss")
    - My ancestry is German, Scottish, French, and Native American. I inherited Native American feet, and have to wear Wide shoes at all times. Finding cute dress shoes is a true PITA.

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    Oh and

    - Nobody IRL knows I play WoW.

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    Over the rainbow..
    This sounds fun!

    -I play Alliance although i first started as a Hordie
    -I never played anything besides a low level resto druid (horde) and a holy paladin (alliance), she's still my main
    -I used to be scared as hell by the whole Undercity and their Undead characters running up to me while i was horde :/
    -When i was little i was a very clumsy child, i've had several body injuries by the time i was 10!
    -I find little animals adorable, but never actually had one, besides a pooltank full of little fishies that all died one summer day
    -My favorite color is Blue, number is 7. I personally find it to be an awesome combination!
    -I like to toy around with people's feelings, most of the people i know like to do it to me aswell..ends up bad for me and them most of the times :s
    -I study International Relations for the sole idea of knowing more languages / meeting foreign people
    -I got dumped by my last boyfriend over a girl i think isn't cuter than me :/ Reason i got was "You deserve better" lol.
    -When i'm fed up with something, i just say to hell with it and move on.. some people find it careless, others think i have a strong personality..
    -The food i love the most is actually my country's food. It's soooooo delicious!

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    - I'm from the Free State of Bavaria
    - I've got a really fat cat
    - I'm doing Scandinavian Studies and Social Anthropology at university and plan on studying either Anthropological Linguistics in Bangor, Wales or Languages and Linguistics in Manchester next year
    - I love soccer and support SC Freiburg and Sheffield Wednesday
    - I want the dwarves to join the Horde
    - I grow chili peppers on my balcony
    - I've got a Bioshock tattoo on my forearm
    - As a child I wanted to become a double-decker bus driver :O
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    Cool lol, here we go.

    - Currently 21
    - I was born and raised in Brazil. (not currently living there)
    - I love to play the guitar when I have time
    - Currently work at a professional camera/video/audio/computers company (Blizzard shops there everyday! I check lol)
    - I hate snow
    - I hate coffee
    - I have a cross tattoo on my right arm (original I know)

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    - I'm 24 male
    - I play wow (nowayrly!)
    - I love my paladin tank in cata
    - Hate ret with a passion since the changes though.
    - Currently excelling at being rather average.
    - Born and raised in South East London
    - Currently working in South Kensington for a well reknown university.
    - Some how really good at flirting with women (without trying) who are almost double my age but suck at it with girls my idea how that works.
    - I find it really hard to get angry at people in person...currently my ex and my sister are the only people to have seen me get angry.
    - I was in a 6yr relationship and now i'm pretty lost as to how to go about getting another one lol. GG long term young relationships.
    - I dont do one night just feels wrong
    - I drink socially
    - I dont smoke or do drugs
    - I dont do tatoos or piercings or dying my hair
    - I love driving my lil ford fiesta
    - I love sport
    - Rhianna <3
    - I'm average at most sports
    - I'm about to do a shameless plug for my casual/social guild!
    - My guild is just starting to raid, check out Purgatory on Silvermoon EU server, currently looking for DK/Drood/Warr MS tank, Holy Pala, and ranged dps of all sorts to bolster our 10man team! Raiding Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays 8:00-12:00 server time.

    And many more but cba to think or type them.
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    Somewhere in Denmark
    - 17 Years old.
    - Male.
    - From Denmark.
    - I guess the 3 yeah school course I am going to right now from 16-19 would be called "High School" in english.
    - I play WoW(shocking).
    - I watch anime.
    - I enjoy beer.
    - I like Budweiser and Heineken
    - I hate danish beer like Pilsner and Tuborg.
    - I like Linkin Park.
    - I like remixes.
    - I like Pendulum.
    - I hate Justin Bieber.
    - I hate Lady Gaga.
    - I generally hate anything Pop, really.
    - I like Math.
    - I hate Physics.
    - I am studiyng to become a construction engineer.
    - I am socially handicapped.
    - I do not like books.
    - Unless I have scanned the content of the book onto my computer so I can read it on my monitor, then it is fine.
    Then he fapped to his own pseudo-intellectualism and no one ever loved him. Ever.

    The End

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