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    [H-25] <CwA> 8:30 PST {11/12 Cata} LF DPS

    Currently recruiting:

    * 1 Hunter
    * 2 Mages
    * 1 Shadow Priest
    * 1 Warlock (Demo) / Elem Shaman
    Exceptional applicants are considered for most classes.

    About <Cursed with Awesome>

    CwA is a Horde guild on the US-Crushridge (PvP) server. We originally formed as <Asylum> on the US-Aerie Peak server the day it opened (6/16/06) but left for Crushridge on 6/29/09 in search of a larger and more competitive Horde population. We are a progression-oriented 25-man raiding guild whose primary focus is to provide a serious raiding environment for people on a limited schedule (~ 14 hours/wk).

    Progression: (25m)

    * 11/12 NM

    * 12/12 ICC-HMs (US #248)
    * HM Halion down (US #239)
    * GotIR meta drakes

    * 5/5 HM ToGC (Trib to Insanity; US #282)
    * EW&F (US #82)[/ul]

    Raid Schedule (Pacific/server time)
    Sunday: 8:30-midnight
    Monday: 8:30-midnight
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: 8:30-midnight
    Thursday: 8:30-midnight
    Friday: off
    Saturday: off


    For information on applying, head to our website and follow the link at the top of the main page. Please follow the application process properly and provide a World of Logs report for us to look at. If you have any questions or feel the need to keep your application private, please contact an officer.

    For more information on the Guild, you can check our website. We will be using loot council for Cataclysm. We have a number of members active on off-nights. We're an 18+ guild, our members are expected to act maturely and we have a very low tolerance for drama. The Crushridge server is balanced with an active Horde population and AH.
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