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    What's your style?

    If you had to classify yourself under any group / demographic, what would you call yourself? Are you a unique hipster kid? A badass punk-rocker? Jock? Goth? Scene kid? Gamer? When someone sees you, what would their first impression of you be? Are you the charismatic and gregarious party-guy or the shy and introverted wall-flower (or are you somewhere in-between)? How would you describe yourself, and how would your family / friends describe you?

    To start it off, I'm a pretty snappy dresser. I work on my looks a lot, and try be as outgoing as possible. I have medium length hair, and I've been told I look like a mix of Jason Segal and Draco Malfoy. I was into the whole kind of scene-image in high school, and still dress in pretty tight clothes. Lame? Meh

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    Moved to fun stuff. A "post your" thread.

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    I spose I look like a basketball player or something, wear alot of hoodies and is pretty tall.

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    Probably goth due to the long hair, generally black clothes and metal music (altho I keep it blonde, I dont dye my hair). As a guy ofc.

    But then if people get to know me it gets...odd. Cus I can be geeky, gamery, gothy, y'know.

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    I dress like a Hipster (v-necks, cardigans, and skinny jeans) and i'm hispanic so I seem very out of place with other Hispanics, I act very geeky though I know a lot about everything, if you don't know me you would think im quite and shy, but if you do I can be one of the loudest craziest people you know.

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    they would say you probably play world of warcraft or <insert game here>

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    I dont have a single style I follow, I dye my hair to pink every now and then, but other then that I keep it as blonde...sometimes with pink stripes...(naturally blonde, yay for blondes with blue eyes.)

    As for what I've been told regarding how I am, I'm a 'mystery', mostly because I can bring about any emotion without a seconds thought and because I look a lot younger then I am, ...Also the fact that I dont have a singular 'style' that I follow also keeps people confused.
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