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    molten core which was really hard at the time because most of us had tier 0 and the rest were in green. Took us a month to down ragnaros ( we had to farm the fire resist gear, there was no way to tank him without that). BWL was even worst of a pain because by the time it came out, maybe 40 % had more than 6 epics. Good times, but I will never give a video game as much time as I did back then, it was stupid.

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    Not Tier Raid , i think it may have been Strat/Scholo or Ubrs. I dont Realy Remember.

    But first Big Raid with Epics'n'Stuff was Zul'Gurub !
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    Karazhan, i had no clue of raiding and all was so big, new and impressive. Good ol' times.

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    My first official raid that I completed was the Updated Onyxia for 25m. I remember getting a nice upgraded sword from there too. My first unofficial raid ever was Karazhan, but not going to explain why so.
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    not counting UBRS and strat&co (used to 8-man them for t0 set), it was MC. i was invited to help out, they were trying gehennas or something. he didn't die however, running out of fires and dispelling was hard... had no idea what was going on and what i was supposed to do, but damn that was quie an epic experience!
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    Mine was ToC and I was scared to do it in case i did something stupid. I then proceeded to stand in the fire and be unable to work out what was causing this immense damage to me. Thank goodness my first guild had some patience otherwise I'd never have learned...

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    MC/ZG With E l e m e n t s on Uldum (goodtimes) way back in 2005, and then BWL with A F K on Uldum also both where wicked Guilds and lots of laughs , but like berserklover said, spent waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time playing WoW then, but not anymore :P

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    Karazhan, at my friends house, and not going down for his parents dinner so I could kill bosses!

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    First raid: naxx
    First raidleader: ICC

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    Karazhan, we managed to kill Attumen, skip Moroes and Maiden (We didnt know where they are, so we were cleaning until we actually find something XD) very fun times when the group almost reaching Opera Event cleans everything except 1 ghostly vallet who was patrolloling, i was the tank (Bear) so i switch to cat, tells the group to stay in there and check the other side (We didnt know were or how to do, so i was checking every corner), in the moment i see the scenary i get too excited and tells them that maybe i found something important... My god... They get too excited and run to the scenary too forgeting about the vallet, then the vallet aggroed the whole group (Except me, i wasnt near them) and brutally rapes all of them without a chance... Funny times!

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    10 player Stratholme. Was a complete noob back then, and was awestruck by Stratholme.

    First "real" raid was Molten Core, followed shortly by Zul'Gurub.

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    ICC Heroic for achievements with my guild. Yeah I was caught off guard in there.

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    ZG, i remember i had just saved and bought my epic riding(along with the honor frostwolf because i was broke and had nothing left) and was glad i did because everyone else had epic riding and i would of looked like a clown on my slow skinny undead horse :P

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    Molten core.. oh boy how clueless, confused and freaking amazed I was.. Some 50:50 green-blue gear, dps spec and I was supposed to heal all those 40 green bars filling almost half of my monitor. :P

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    ZG, but it was chaos.

    First serious raid with a proper raiding guild was Karazhan.

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    Gruul's Lair at level 68. Got carried by a buddy because I was leveling in Blade's Edge at the same time anyway.

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    Molten Core. I got yelled at for using a Barman Shanker because of the debuff it applied =( (Bosses had limited debuff slots)

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    technically my very first was wotlk era naxx 10, but it was a PUG and had 8 people in it and only killed one boss.

    my first fully formed guild-run raid was... yogg, and i was one of the tanks.

    certainly a 'sink or swim' way to be introduced to raiding in WoW.

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    OS3D 10man, go the drake as well.

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