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    naxx @ wotlk as disc priest

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    First WoW raid was back in Vanilla doing the likes of Scholo, Strat, and U/LBRS and then of course Molten Core.

    First ever raid in an MMO was EQ, and it was Nagafen or Vox pub run.

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    That would be my weekly saturday runs in UBRS.
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    Still hate that instance.

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    First raid ever? Tarasque in Anarchy Online, first WoW raidgroup Death Mines, first WoW raidbosskill Tenebron, first WoW raiddungeon Onyxia

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    Molten Core, in a pug with my priest at lvl 58 we killed first boss ..barely..
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    actual place classified as a raid by blizzard was molten core for me, and i was terrible lol, guild was already working on ragnaros but i had never even heard of raiding until my friend asked me if i wanted to join his guild and help them. I was facepulling core hounds and surgers the entire time lol.

    I think before molten core i ran a few 10 man strat/ubrs runs, was pretty fun.

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    Hmmm... that'd be a Guild raid on Lady Vox in EverQuest. Downed that bitch on the first attempt!

    In WoW it was Kara back door about 30 mins after hitting level 70. Not sure why the guildies thought it would be a good idea to ask me, must be an OP Warlock thing. I was greeted with several "wtf greens" and "lol fresh 70" comments.

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    ten characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unifybe View Post
    Naxx on my hunter just after I dinged 80
    Same!! I remember getting carried in a 25 man Pugg.. I had like quest blues and some Pre-Heroic Dungeon blues. Maybe 1 or 2 iLvl 200 Rep Gear. I got like 7 upgrades that day.
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    Another Karazhan kid here. Felt so epic.

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    ZG, was a wipe fest. Was a healer and didnt know you could get addons for the game.

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    Blackwing Decent x)

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    Wrath Naxx. Had to install&learn Decursive as a mage

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    ICC never started actually raiding till cata
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    Purification - Disc/Holy Priest

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    ZG, back in classic.

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    Karazhan ! Best place ever
    MoP Noob

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    My first raid was either Strat or Scholo 10 man or UBRS 15 man. That was so long ago, I hardly remember.

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    Karazhan in early BC. I had no epic gear and like 1% hit rating on my hunter with only a couple of enchants. But the raid leader was patient and I managed to do the tasks I was assigned with little error (except that I ran in front of the red beam on Netherspite and killed myself). Good times. I got a guild invite and began raiding every week.

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