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    First time i was in a Raid was at the Legion Event at the end of the WoW-Beta in Winter 2004. Blizzard let rain down Level 60 Infernals and Doomguards on Stormwind and the players thought they could fight this off... but only few players were Level 40 at all

    First "planned" Raid was a City-Raid a week or so after the Game was released. We attacked Undercity with 1 or 2 full Raids. Unfortunately nobody was above Level 50 and the Guards ripped us apart After some time Horde made a raid too though and we battles in front of the Undercity.

    First PvE Raid was Stratholme (10man Raid), followed by UBRS (15man) and a Raid on Azuregos (80man i think).
    First Raid-Instance was Onyxia in May 2005 then.

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    First real progres for me was ICC. Before that I played ultra casual First raid ever entered was Kara.

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    UBRS10 and if this doesnt count ZG
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    Either Scholo, UBRS, Southshore V Tarren Mill PVP.
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    Zul Gurub 25man.

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    Strathholme pug, first proper raid Molten Core.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziktus View Post
    UBRS when it was still a raid.
    None considered UBRS a raid, ever. Everyone considered it a simple instance, just with 10 people.

    My first raid I think was MC, before Zul'Gurub was out. It was a one time thing with a guild that randomly whispered me cause they had 39 people and they absolutely needed that 40th :P Back then, I had 0 spell damage and all I could think about was mana. The more intellect an item had, the more mana I would have, YUM! I didn't even know what spell damage was (I was only 14!).

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    As a pure technicality? Onyxia. I'd just hit Stormwind at level 6 and thought I'd watch a group that was trying to get a run started. Somebody dropped and they needed a warm body.

    Off the top of my head? I think it was Karazhan.
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    My first raid was gnomeregan...wtf gnomeregan most ppl would say but in vanilla u could enter the instances in a raid with reduced xp. I was in a good MC guild still lvling up and we were quite a few around lvl 30 so the guild set up a gnomeregan raid for us, I don't think I've ever wiped as much as then ppl were rushing ahead pulling those sentries that spawn bombs and ppl were not killing them so they were blowing up in the middle of the raid constantly

    After that my first raid would be AQ20 when it was new, I was lvl ~58 at the time and I got in and killed first or first 2 bosses and got the blue 2h mace for my enhancement shaman.

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    Some dude started a "raid" in EPL when I was lvl 50 or so back in vanilla.

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    apart from some strat 8 mans and UBRS, it was MC. Was helping out some guild that was trying gehennas and absolutely clueless. glorious times... no we didn't down him.

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    Real raid was Kara, but I did participate in a random trade chat raid to Zul'Gurub when I was leveling in Outlands.

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    Onyxia 40 man at lvl 58. Rolling dwarf priest had its good sides.

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    Molten Core, I feel old, Yet I am oh so young.. Was level 60
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    LvL 58, MC. They needed a dwarf priest to fear ward the tank. Even won some gear off the trash that I couldnt equip until lvl 60 lol.

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    I remember it! I was level 57 (maybe 56?) and I did a Baron run in Strath with a friend. I got the dagger from the last boss and I couldn't even equip it!

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    random pug raid: naxx at level 80
    organized raid: ICC when it got released with the guild i still raid with to this day ^_^

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    Honestly I love and appreciate all raids that have been implemented in the game. If I had to chose one specifically I would choose Heroic TOGC.. NO TRASH WAHOOOO or AQ40 - RED MOUNT IS MINE.

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    Naxx 2.0.

    This is probably why I do not hate it like the majority of people I speak to.

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    Officially it was ZG but it was a bunch of 70's doing an 60's raid.

    Unofficially, Kara was my first "At-Level" raid. Awww fond memories.

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