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    too much! guessin bout 5-16 a day!

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    Depends if you are talking about during WotLK when I was hardcore into raiding and such, or do you mean now during Cata where I am so fed up with heroics, people, and classes that I barely play. During WotLK I probably played maybe on average 6 hours a day, every day. So like 42 hours a week. Now during Cata multiple days I don't play other days I'll get on for an hour or two. So maybe 11 hours a week now.

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    I started my priest the week before cata, and it sent a play time report for the first month, starting from the week before cata, I spent 14 hours a day over 10 days getting from 1-85 and gearing out o_o

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    It varries, if I don't have school that day then usually 12-15hrs. Usually down to 8 if I do have school. :[ Sagging job economy sucks, but it gives me plenty of time to play!

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    Damn...i feel nerdy....i play average of 10 hours a day on school days (high school wee.....)...and weekends 16 hours weekends can be down to 0 hours too..really depends if its a weekend with partys or not... 2 months ago in booring wrath i played i had a 3 month break and watched 10 hours telly a day instead..... i send out a good stack of job annonces .... thres just nothing for students here (my area drowns in them) playing is what i can spend my time on..

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    about 6-12 hours. I used to have a life before cata =[

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    Used to play 5-6 hours...but like 2 hours's boring

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    Still on holiday. Work starts back up Friday. Trying to land a different job with normal hours (go go receptionist) until I graduate in August. Right now, about 10 hours a day. After Friday...maybe 1 hour per day fishing on the travel laptop (can't do anything else), work until midnight, then off Monday night (after commuting home) and then off Tue/Wed/Thurs, lots of time for WoW/errands/things.

    Really want a normal job with normal hours =/ If I get that, then, it will be maybe 1-2 hours pooting around per night until I fall asleep at like 8 or 9 PM. I love sleep. Raid night would be 3 hours of WoW.

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    1hr a day (sometimes none).. 3-4 hours on raid nights (3 nights a week)

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    As much as I can fit in a day when not busy, usually 2-8 hours varying from days...

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    It's usually all or nothing when I play WoW. I'll go a couple of days without playing, and then on a day off where I don't have school or homework I'll play for a few hours.

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    Basically online nonstop from i get home (4ish) until i go to bed between midnight and 1am, but i usually just tab in, do some dailys, tab out, play guitar whatever :P

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    depends on IRL but about 4-5 hours weekdays, and everything between 1 hour to 12+ in the weekend.

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    Probably 4-6 on average, but classes just started back today, so it's bound to change.

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    6-7 Hours a day I think

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    too much. way way way too much
    Nom Nom Nom

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    during college maybe 5 hours max (except on weekends). Weekends and during breaks I can end up playing all day unless fiancee wants to do something else, but she also plays so its all good lol
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    2-4 hours normally, usually not more than 5 on a raid night. I go for entire days when new xpacs are released though.
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    Indeed. to much
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    recently not much. today and yesterday i havnt touched it despite having lots of free time (trying to find a job at the moment which is like trying to beat a 5 man arena team made entirely of rogues, as a warlock with no mana).

    im trying to take it easy for now, dont want to get burned out trying to get 4 chars to 85 (one down, 3 to go). though i could run the new instances all day cause they're pretty fun, but queues as they are as dps, it takes a while.
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