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    Will the nerfs to rip effect our glyphing?

    just a quick question, seeing as the breakdown of how we do our damage in pve is changing considerably with rip and rake doing less % of our total damage, will this increase the pve value of the glyph of mangle to a point where it would be of greater value than the glyph of rip?

    Off the top of my head i can see it at the very least making it more situational, and in an encounter with multiple adds that need to be burned it would probably increase our burst dps when switching targets, but im inclined to think that the lost ticks of rip will in a long fight still end up with a dps loss.

    any thoughts or suggestions welcome, just bouncing ideas around that otherwise would be floating in my head

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    There have been a couple threads about this. I would recommend reading the forum rather than just making a post.

    You will not use mangle or shred. Why? Because Shred damage is increased with the mangle debuff whereas mangle does not receive a damage buff from anything other than the glyph. You will still glyph shred because extra time on rip is a dps increase and you will glyph rip because rip still does most of our damage.

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    yea your math is compelling but you sort of ignored my point. I am well aware that on single target fights all the patch changes will do will change the % values of which of our moves does the most damage but will not effect either our rotation or glyphing. My question was simply, will these changes mean that on certain fights, in particular fights with lots of adds that need to be burned down will the glyph of mangle become viable.

    For example back in wotlk glyph of beserk was not considered part of the standard dps configuration of a feral, but for certain fights, aka heroic anub due to the specific encounter mechanics a large number of ferals would reglyph to have it just to make that fight easier.

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    What fight do you think you would need to swap out Shred/Rip/TF? Shred and Rip go hand in hand, I cannot think of a fight in TB(Halfus/Dragons/Ascendant/Chogall) or BWD(Omnotron/Magmaw/Maloriak/Atremedes/Chimaron) or TotFW(Conclave/Alakir) where we would need to burn down adds with mangle, or where you would not benefit more from the above three glyphs.

    I didn't ignore your point, I tried to have you come to your own conclusion as no one can really say where mangle would outweigh any of the other glyphs respectively at this point in the game. If anything Mangle is more of a Bear glyph than a cat glyph until they make mangle better than shred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turaz View Post
    If anything Mangle is more of a Bear glyph than a cat glyph until they make mangle better than shred.
    yea i agree with you, just as soon as i saw the patch notes the heroic anub fight sprung to mind with the beserk glyph switching. Mangle will never outperform shred in pve i dont think. There is no set raid boss yet that summons multile adds on low enough hp to warrent it. Ah well, just an idea, maybe blizz will have a boss for us in future tiers with adds with mutiple sub 500k hp pools.

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