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    (A) Late night 10 man only guild LF range

    Casually Hardcore is a small and tight knit 10 man only guild on Uther and are currently looking to expand our numbers.

    We have recently started up a second 10 man group and are looking for the following

    Elemental Shaman
    Shadow Priest

    Basically any and all range

    While these are the only classes that we are currently recruiting we will never turn down exceptional applications

    Raid times Monday Wednesday and Thursday: invites at 915 first pull at 930


    - To know or to have researched fight mechanics prior to coming to raid.
    - To be competitive with other players of the similar role, at every level of executing the encounters.
    - To stay current with all class changes and theorycraftng. This includes having in-depth knowledge of your class.
    - To come to every raid with the motivation and desire to work towards progression.
    - Work on bettering not only yourself but your teammates as well.
    - Have solid movement skills and quick reaction times.
    - To understand and follow directions efficiently and correctly.
    - Bring a positive attitude to raids, as well as be friendly and helpful towards your fellow guildmates.
    - Maintain 80% attendance to raids.
    - Most importantly, have fun!!!


    T11: 3/12
    11/12 heroic Icecrown citadel, best 10 man only guild on the server
    4/5 Trial of the Grand Crusader

    For more information, raider expectations and to fill out an application, please visit CasuallyHardcoreofUther.guildlaunch.com

    For any other questions regarding Casually Hardcore or your application feel free to talk to Engorgio, Ariakis, or Healsanyone or send us an in game mail.
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