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    Car Names

    Inspired by the "What car do you drive" Thread....

    Do you name your car, and if so what

    My car has been named Turbo

    Its a 95 1.3 ford fiesta

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    My car is named Mazda 626.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priscillia View Post
    Inspired by the "What car do you drive" Thread....

    Do you name your car, and if so what

    My car has been named Turbo

    Its a 95 1.3 ford fiesta
    had a 1.6 fiesta i called "bettan" hahah

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    My fiance drives an 04 Kia Rio, 5 speed manual. lol It makes a put-put noise. So that's what I call it.. Put-Put.

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    I have not a car yet but i love Mitsubishi EVO lancer

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    I used have have a Volkswagon Jetta named "Violent Wheels". It needed a new transmission and the window motors needed replaced like 4 times before it was donated.
    My friend had a green Buick named "The flying green coffin".
    My current car, a 2004 mazda 3, has no name

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    I have a Rover 25 1.4 (First car) I call him Reggie the Rover!

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    My car (Chevy Suburban) has 2 nicknames:
    1. White Zombie (It's white and it has a White Zombie bumper sticker on the back)
    2. The PWN Mobile (The license plate says "PWN")

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    i call mine piece of super crap

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    Partner has Larry the lancer, My last starlet was puff the polluting dragon cause of its worn turbo, merc was smerk and had the plate to match that plates now on my Fairmont but it doesn't have the same connection. Have had datty (datsun 120y), Barney (purple starlet), rumble guts (FXGT), and Fairmont is Monty. Not all my cars have had names, in fact its usually girlfriends who name most of them come to think of it.

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    My car is named Mary Jane(before you say "oh thats lame" read on)

    First thing I did when I got it was smoke with one of my best friends, and these two chicks named Mary and joke...seriously..

    Its a 2010 scion TC btw.

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    I have a motorbike.

    And I call it my baby.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoeii View Post
    I hereby would like to nominate this person for the tool award.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scuravolpe View Post
    Only if we get a pet for the disaster that was your parents deciding to breed.

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    Drove box trucks for a living, named one of them Digby

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    i name my mustang rabbit because its a fast car

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    I haven't named my car, but my bikes were named (in order) Matilda (Kawasaki EN500), Matildadoi (Kawasaki Vulcan 800) and Matildadrei (Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter). Basically, the Matilda name came from the fact it take me money and run Venezuela. Except running Venezuela, they all did.

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    My first car was a 1988 Mazda 323. A year after I got the car, I had a small accident and had to get the hood replaced. The car was grey, and my new awesome hood was red. The name, 'Little Red Riding Hood,' stuck with that car until I got rid of it.

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    "A sixpack and a street car named Desire, who got my back in the line of fire?"

    <~$~("The truth, is limitless in its range. If you drop a 'T' and look at it in reverse, it could hurt.")~$~> L.F.

    <~$~("The most hopelessly stupid man is he who is not aware he is wise.")~$~> I.A.

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    I just call my Mustang .. 'Stang. I know. I'm SO creative! :P When I first got it 8 years (time flies) ago, I would call it my blue horsie.
    I am a filthy casual!

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    My old toyota tercel's nickname became Turtle, cannot for the life of me remember why.
    Also, it felt like a mini spaceship to drive b/c there were so many things to click on before heading out on the road.

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    I named her the Emm <3

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