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    Tukui question

    Every time I enter a boss fight Tukui puts the bosses nameplate and any adds that spawn during the boss fight on the side of my screen. Im wondering if there is a way to disable this.

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    Sounds like you don't have stacking enabled in the config file. I'd suggest trying that, as it locks the nameplates above the targets.

    You might try using for future questions, as they have a dedicate forum for questions.

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    I believe that the boss frames.
    Open Tukui/config/config.lua and find
    -- boss frames
    ["showboss"] = true, -- enable boss unit frames for PVELOL encounters.
    and change it to
    -- boss frames
    ["showboss"] = false, -- enable boss unit frames for PVELOL encounters.
    then do a /rl ingame.

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