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    Question Haste or Crit (as shadow priest)

    As shadow priest what's the most suitable stat between haste and crit?

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    Short answer: Haste

    Longer answer: Haste is roughly a 20% larger dps gain per point than crit:

    2.92 dps = 1 int. Hit/spi = 0.37 int. Crit = 0.4 int. Haste = 0.5 int. Mastery = 0.39 int. Spellpower = 0.79 int.

    (those also show why you shouldnt gem for hitcap)
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Your post is so drenched in frustration and sarcasm that it's really ruining my salad.

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    Haste is far better.

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