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    Disc pvp.

    Hey i have just now started playing disc pvp again but alot has changed since wotlk i am struggling to find out what i should be speccing. I want to know what i should be gemming whether it be int/haste or int mastery.
    i would link my armory url but this is my first post and it wont let me .

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    I moved this to the priest forums - I'm sure they can help you better than the druids!
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    go int/haste. mastery just works with bubbles and they can get purged, making mastery useless.

    if your going disc/arms, your going to be the kill target. almost always. so i would go with
    a defensive spec like this:
    use this if you have hit gear and dont need the hit from spirit:
    but after this upcoming patch strength of soul will scale with flash heal also, so i will be using this:
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  4. #4 seems the best talents for patch! if your goin 3s you can ditch the reflective shield and go for -10% melle dmg from holy!

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    I predict disc PvP not being a viable spec until the last season of cata. for thoes who play on the ptr... 4.0.6 will change nothing, disc went from a 100% lol one button kill to a ROFL 3 button kill.

    they fixed nothing, any combo of a snare and dispel will make disc teams a faceroll. just play a shaman or pally if you wanna heal pvp in cata.

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