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    Cats they are easier to take care of and you never have problems with mice
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    Cats, I just love them.

    It's probably because I love smaller pets and have had a cat in my family for my whole life.
    Maybe a small dog could do, as long as it doesn't smell.

    Nothing wrong with dogs tho, my brother's wife has one and I get to walk with it every now and then.
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    You don't see cats doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    You don't see cats doing that.
    And cats never saved Timmy when he fell down the well, either.

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    I love my cat but I like dogs, they come when called, eat anything with a smile and cuddle with you for hours. My cat is on "her" schedule

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    Comparing cats to dogs is as stupid as the other thread about whether dogs are worthy of a life rather being shot, it's pointless.

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    Dogs of course, I love their loyalty and love, and my little Maltese is so playful (7 years old), besides they can be so smart, although cats are super cute and lovely... But I love dogs, they are the best pet I've ever seen.

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    I would like to introduce everyone to Milo!

    Uploaded with

    This is a picture of Milo when we got him home on the first day. He was an adorable kitten and still is, he has grown allot now and is 6 months! (He's going in to the vets on Monday to get the snip snip!) He has the most wonderful personalty I could ever have hoped to find in a cat. He loves being held, cuddled and paid attention to. His fav pass time during the days used to be to cuddle in my lap while i worked (I run a business from home). He would just lay there all day cuddling up to me. He loves being held, in which way ever. He just becomes dead weight and trusts you to do whatever you like with him! My bf once held him upside down and he diden't seam to mind it in the least. When me and my bf go to bed he will come sleep inbetween us, and heres the wierd part, he sleeps like a human! Half of him under the duvet and his head on the pillow lol, its adorable.

    Now we got another kitten and they are best friends! They run and play across the whole apartment and its just a joy to watch them have fun!
    My boyfriend has a Staffy, he had to leave it with his mom when we moved together thoe, but getting to know his dog has really made me appreciate how quiet and peaceful cats are. Every time we are around his moms house his mom asks my bf to take him out, and my bf is like "Bleeeeeeeeeeh". The dog is also hyper and licks/bites everyone's feet, jumps up and in general is a pain in the arse. So I have to say I prefer cats But if I ever was to get a dog it would defo be a border collie.
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    Ever cat I've known from relatives always seemed like selfish douchebags.

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    While my cat is only interested in sleeping in my bed and annoying me when hes hungry or just wants to be a dick my dog gives me the impression of interest in my person. But then again he can be a dick too when he wants to go for a walk or simply play.

    I do no longer prefer one over the other I love them both. However once I move out of my parents house (in about a year after the military) Ill get myself a cat because having a dog next to master studies would be torture.

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    cats, cats, cats....nothing else then cats

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    Till recently i disliked cats and liked only dogs. When my parents took 1 of them off the street ( I have a dog and a cat now), i found myself liking cats too, but if I was to choose I would still pick a dog. Dogs are bonded with their owner, unlike cats which are bonded with a certain place more than with a owner.

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    Cats! They may seem evil, but they're just sneaky. Big dogs on the other hand are out to kill me, I KNOW IT! D:
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    Cute kitties

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    I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever(had it since she was 3 months old)

    so defo dogs My heroes of the storm recruitment link. Looking for MOBA enthusiasts to play with. I also want a cool bike tbh.

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    Cats are nice and all, but am allergic to them hence not my cup of tea :-P

    Dogs are man's best friend - 'nuff said! :-)

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    Cats, all the way <3

    But I do like dachshunds.. They are like that cats of dogs!

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    My cat can open some of the doors in my house and turns the sink on to drink, doesnt know how to turn it off tho. My cat is extremely loyal to me, he greets me when i come home from work, sits on my couch or on my lap when i watch tv or am on the computer, sleeps in my bed, he even sometimes stands in the shower with me which is odd.

    I like dogs too, just not all dogs.

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    Needs a poll. Also, cats are better.

    Lastly, inb4 Lysah and Dalliah: I LUFF TEH DOGGIES.

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