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    I'll watch just for the commercials. Usually some funny ones and trailers for movies. I think Captain America will have a trailer right?

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    If Captain America has a trailer I'm sooooo watching it.

    Not that I don't like the steelers or the packers.. /sigh why do the patriots always fail when it matters?

    And as far as the international taste goes.. if your used to Rugby and your expecting rugby then you will be bored. American Football is a game full of strategy,rules,commercials, rules, and occasionally people get hurt :P

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    Hulu will be having the commercials as they appear and something with voting. And the new Capt. America trailer is supposed to be there.

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    Something to add on penalties-

    If both teams break the rules at the same time (IE two players from opposing teams get into a brawl), the penalties 'offset' and cancel eachother.

    There's been a trend of not calling the offset after so many this year.
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    Considering you just linked a graph with no data plotted on it as factual evidence, I think Stanton can infer whatever the hell he wants.
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