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    Moving to Clique+grid instead of just plain grid

    I am thinking of moving over to clique + grid instead of just using regular grid as I use right now. For those of you who already use click casting what do you have bound to your buttons? Just looking at my bar I think I need at least 12 binds and i'm scared of screwing up in a raid. I messed around a bit with Vuhdo the other day and it feels like my APM is essentially doubled by click casting though so I feel I need to make the transition. I was thinking of maybe leaving my bars as is and maybe binding nothing to mouse 1 so I can still click my frame and cast normally if I end up needing too....

    The biggest problem that I have is that I have guardian spirit, hymn of hope, divine hymn, shadowfiend bound to mouse 4 and 5 with various modifiers and im scared i'm going to end up casting renew or something instead of GS at a critical time... I'm just wondering how most of you do it and if you have any tips so I can increase my reaction time and heal more efficiently.

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    Ill just post my bindings:
    shift+left button = spell 1 (flash heal)
    shift+right button = spell 2 (PWS)
    ctrl+left button= spell 3 (penance)
    ctrl+right button= spell 4 (renew)
    Plus: 1,2,3,4,5,Q,E,R,F,T,X,F1-F4 for normal mousover macros.

    Left click = targeting.

    In general, bind the spells you will use more often on a key easily reachable.
    Its a matter of confidence with your Keybindins, really. First times you will screw up a little; get used to them in normal dungeons or BGS

    EDIT: I dont even have extra buttons on my mouse, mind you. You will do great.
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    It will definitely take some getting used to. I suggest you to heal several 5-man dungeons before you adventure into raid with your new bindings. That said here's what I do:

    Bind important cooldowns that require a friendly target to the keyboard using [target=mouseover] macros. (This will typically be PoH, Guardian Spirit, Leap of Faith)
    Check your most used 3~4 spells and bind them to your Left / Right mouse buttons with any modifiers you feel confortable with. (This will typically be Renew, Flash Heal, Heal, PoM, Greater Heal)

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    Changing your binds in any way will take some time getting used to. It takes me about a week to successfully smash my buttons and forget the old keybinds. Run a bunch of dungeons or just stand around hitting the buttons from memory. Do as much as you can before a raid so that you can be as prepared as possible IMO!

    As far as binds go, I have a naga mouse so it's amazing. My binds wouldn't be much help to you, so all I can say is to play around with where you are going to bind things. Figure out what you want, bind it all and then try it out. I changed mine around quite a bit when I first got my naga to find the best place for each heal. Prioritize their placing. Before I had the naga, I used left, middle and right click with tons of modifiers (shift, alt, ctrl, alt+ctrl, etc) because Priests have a bazillion spells. So just remember to use modifiers that you can comfortably press and practice practice practice!

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    Don't forget mousewheel up and down + Modifiers opens up some more options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tequila333
    Don't forget mousewheel up and down + Modifiers opens up some more options.
    That is brilliant. Also other tips I have heard but haven't applied yet is using modifiers with Tab, Caps Lock, and Spacebar.

    I dont have a ton of buttons on my mouse and this is how I get by so far.. still looking to bind more in the future.

    Shift + LClick = Greater Heal
    Shift + RClick = Binding heal
    Alt + LClick = Flash Heal
    Alt + RClick = Dispel Magic
    Shift + Alt + LClick = Prayer of Healing
    Shift + Alt + RClick = Dispel Disease
    Mouse Button 5 = Heal

    I don't use control as that is my push to talk button.

    Mouseover Keybinds:
    (I use E,S,D,F to move)
    T = Circle of Healing
    G = Renew
    Shift + G = Shield
    V = Holy Word Macro
    Shift + V = Prayer of Mending
    Shift + T = Holy Nova (probably switch to a useful cd soon)
    Shift + R = Lightwell
    R = Chakra

    Not at home to look, but I think that is everything so far.
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    I'm using mouse-over macro's and Grid, so can't help you there. But if you want to train yourself to your new keybinds I suggest doing Battlegrounds. You'll need every spell, have varying sorts of damage and there is no real consequence for failure.
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