Thread: Rift pvp`?

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    Rift pvp`?

    im a great fan of pvp ...can anyone from the beta of Rift tell me what the PVP is like ? anything near as good as in wow? arena? bgs? duels? anything

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    I pvped in the 10-19 Area and i enjoyed it it was very different from wow that you will never fight some one with the same spec and class as you b/c everything is different

    i can go fight againts another rogue (i was a rogue in beta) and his 3 souls aren't the same as mine so it comes down to skill and gear at the end

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    How about asking such questions in the official Rift forums.

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    I consider pvp to be WoW's biggest failing. Rift pvp is no DAoC, but it's gots potential. The talk about how they'll encourage world pvp sounds good, but the system hasn't been seen yet for anyone outside of Alpha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glo View Post
    How about asking such questions in the official Rift forums.
    because this is an unofficial wow forum, and since a good chunk of beta players are probably from wow, it makes logical sense to come to a mutual point not controlled by either developer...

    OT: i've PvP'd the 10-19 and 20-29 brackets, que times were hella fast (were talking >1 min here) as previously stated, you'll rarely come across someone with the exact same same souls (i played a mage, i met a few necro's like myself but none with chloro and lock 2nd/3rd souls)

    overall i like the pvp, and with rifts and invasions, world pvp isnt dead, hell on the pvp servers your 2nd zone is right next to the opposing factions 2nd zone... its all gooood!
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    It's quite unbalanced. Certain soul combinations dominate, and Warriors do more damage with ranged abilities than Marksmen / Ranger.
    And I recall developers saying that they won't be balacing it at max lvl, instead they focus on other stuff. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Other than that, it's ok and fun. You can get a good amount of XP from wins, too bad most of the players don't understand that it ain't Team Deathmatch in Warfronts (battlegrounds). Blablabla another Rift thread blabla.

    Rift class forums. People calling for nerfs etcetc.

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    This is like asking how WSG is in the 10-14 bracket.
    Quote Originally Posted by Negridoom
    No. After the Cataclysm there will be an expansion for the zerg, and then an expansion for the protoss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glo View Post
    How about asking such questions in the official Rift forums.
    as someone said a wow player considering Rift...asking my fellow wow players because we can compare the games Troll..

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    i got a few more questions (thx for quick responses)

    endgame? what is the max lvl ? is there anything to do when u get there? Raid / arena / something?

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    Rift Beta.. COMMENTS and screenshots
    I suggest you to check it out man. Seems to have a lot of biased comments and stuff.

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    Obviously though within a few months and max level, there WILL be cookie-cutter specs just like WoW has now.
    Its only probably so different because people are experimentin / it's in beta. Was the same in warcrafts early days.

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    Why do people get so bent out of shape about posting about Rift?

    I look at the top of the forum and it says Off-Topic Forums >> Video Games

    Rift is off topic and a video game...

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    kind of fun at the first sight but only tryed at level 30

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    It's very fun, every match and every skirmish is different from one another, you can't exactly predict their next moves because you don't know what arsenal they have. I'm sure when the game is out and established, there will be cookie cutter builds, but I think the biggest difference is there will be a lot more viable builds. With room to experiment with something else, and still perform well.

    Also, the devs did not say they will not balance the souls. They said they will not put all their focus on balancing them. They will nerf/buff/adjust souls as they need, but it won't be the exact focus behind every patch. Instead they'll be taking majority of their focus on content, and adding new features. The devs reasoning behind this was because there is so many options available to the player in how to make their build, that it is majorly up to the player to counter whatever it is that's beating them. Whether that means adding/changing a players set up in your team, or adjusting your own build accordingly.
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    seriously, most of you won't play that game anymore in 1 months.

    Boub has a time machine?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aka imba View Post
    endgame? what is the max lvl ? is there anything to do when u get there? Raid / arena / something?
    Theres heroic dungeons split into 2 tiers. Raids. Rift raids you summon(think a world boss that you control when it comes), No arena, Warfronts(battlegrounds) theres some bracketing system for pvp at max lvl but i havnt looked into it

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    Im very like new bg, like "king of mountain" or something like that, capture artifact and hold it a much as you can (that artifact killing you over time in geometry progression)
    and other 2 bgs, same as arathi and wsg
    as already wrote before - freaking unbalanced /sadface
    and anotherone thing - bg balanced in numbers of players contained in, for example you team got 5members and opposite team can only have 6 members (if many ppl stand in queue, so only +1 max)
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