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    Quick question:

    Sometimes, a player has a solo story that they wish to publish for the entertainment of those here. How should one accomplish this on MMOC's forums? Should it be (Closed Solo RP) or should such things be discouraged? I ask for clarification purposes. (Yes, I'm working on something I wish to share but do not quite know the process here.)

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    You can post it here unless you've already been accepted into the RP forums in which case you can post it in the RP forum proper. But yes thats totally fine if you want to post a story for others to read. As for closed or open, marking it closed would be fine.

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    Hmm I believe you should post this as a story in the Discussion forums

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    This type of story is better suited for the discussion forums. The forums proper are kept for those RPs that require more than a single person (that would be most of them.)

    It just makes it easier if there isn't always a single thread at the top of the list. (A solo RPer would not have to wait for replys, and therefore would simply always be at the top; if more than one person were to do this, we would have a problem.)

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