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    Spellsteal the add get 100% corruption(put a soulstone on him + have him save lock candy).
    Spellsteal instantly puts you at 100 corruption?

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    Scanned through the thread and din't see anyone mention the obvious, so here goes. Dollars to doughnuts your raid is puking all over each other. Watch your sanity (or corruption or w/e the fuck it is) and do everything in your power to keep it low. Only really good play and really good luck will prevent you from getting to the puking stage so, when you do, you really really really need to face away from everyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firecrest View Post
    Dollars to doughnuts your raid is puking all over each other.
    This, at 50% you get a debuff that lasts for 5 seconds, when the buff fades you puke around you in a 5 yards radious, this happens when a player is at 50% corruption.

    Just have people turn around when they start puking, when they are done turn around and dps again(healers can just stand with their backs to the raid always)

    Hope this helps your raidsquad.

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    Use less healers and get more DPS. You don't need 3 healers. P1 raid damage is entirely avoidable except for his shadow nova things, which are timed and predictable. P2 raid damage is irrelevant as he will be dead long before corruption builds.

    In fact, the same can be said for most of T11, you only need 3 healers on a few of them and 2 is perfectly sufficient for most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logbc View Post
    Hint: Tank Cho'gall on the throne. Watch your demo lock become a god.
    You mean by using Immo aura + Hellfire and hopefully kill tentacles aswell or?

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    Again i dunno why 10man is still hard or why people are still 2 tanking and 3 healing this, its bounds easyer 1 tank and 2 healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    5th add? I think your DPS is the problem...if I remember correctly, my 10man group gets to p2 as the 4th add is spawning, causing it to despawn.
    we downed it for teh first time last week and hoping to repeat it, but as was quoted, when the 4th comes out you want the boss on no more than 33%, ignore add and have OT kite it while you burn the boss to 25% to start P2, if you get teh adds as you go to P2, wipe it as you have very little hope of killing them and the boss, at least imo

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    I got a feeling that you are just wasting too much dps time in the first 2 waves of adds, just assign 2 ranged to aoe those 2 waves since they are not that many, for 3rd wave tell ur melees to help aoe them and then just push boss to 25 while kitting the 4th add

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    Are you interrupting Depravity every single time when adherents are up?

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    Are you interrupting Depravity every single time when adherents are up?
    Ultimate necro?
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    i bet ur not dispelling accelerated corruption.. that shit will destroy party members in 3 seconds if not dispelled.
    aside from that just tank chogall against a wall/corner and kill eye stalks asap.. have people spread out so they dont puke on each other..

    ur corruption rises really slowly in normal once ur debuff is dispelled. its like 2 per second.. so it shouldnt be a problem. and make sure u 2 heal it. more dps/.

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    Yeah, its silly to use three healers.
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    Locking this.

    8 Month old thread that doesn't need to continue being discussed.

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