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    Quote Originally Posted by schoenkid37 View Post
    Damn touche, not a single lock did you just poo on the adds during that add phase? We also have to call stop dps for a 2nd green phase but even with DI I peaked at 27k during add phase and hit about 23k to finish cuz I died during the last phase (was at 25.5k when I died), touche tho
    Yea, my add phase dps is pretty high (no clue how high, but according to WoL if you zoom it spikes to around 50k+). Pre-dot a couple with sw: pain since it lasts longer, then pre-dot a few more with VT then mind sear the add tank as he leaps in.

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    At the HC dummy:

    Pre-patch: Peak with CDs at 14k, evened out at 11.5k after 5mill dmg

    Now: Peak with CDs at 17.5k, evened out at 14.7k after 5mill dmg


    Pre-patch: 18-19k depending on my buffs

    Now: 25man Full raidbuffs including flask/well fed: 25k dps

    My gear is not optimal, still have 3 pieces without haste, avg iLvL 356
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    For warlocks, affliction was behind in dps compared to destro and demo. However, I have noticed that affliction is on par with destro since the patch. I have not tested demo yet so I could not tell you how it was affected. To be honest, keeping the Improved Soul Fire buff up was messing with my affliction rotation to where I never felt like I could get into a rhythm. Perhaps it was simply removing that monkey-wrench that has caused me to be more effective even though 15% extra haste is a huge theoretical dps increase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PandaFart View Post
    on my lock i have been getting 2k more for Destro and 3k less for Aff
    Destro seems about the same to me but I have noticed the Empowered Imp proc occurring more frequently. I have not had the chance to test this and see if it is just random or actually significant.
    In my opinion, the most important thing for destro that got improved was having the Improved Soul Fire buff become able to be refreshed without the current buff expiring first. This simple thing made my rotation much more fluid.

    And, yeah...didn't see this was a priest forum -.-
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    as a mage, not different, i see other people sky high going, so im even more down below the meters. kinda sad really.

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    Monday night I was averaging about 18k dps as survival on valiona, and after 4.0.6 I'm pushing 22-23k as marksman. What I'm disappointed in is how our fury warrior was doing about 20k, then when patch hit he does 24k >.>

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    Enhancement shaman, not too much of a change, 12k overall in deadmines. 14-15k on bosses

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    ^ Priest forums yo

    Did our first raid tonight, and i've seen a good 3k + dps increase on pretty much every fight, bar halfus (12k increase). Logs here. Everything except BH was 9 manned so I expect i'll get higher next reset, due to shorter fights and what not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octan View Post
    A hunter in my guild was saying smth about MM (on ptr, so 4.0.6 values) is doing more dps than SV on live on a dummy. That would be fun hahaha
    thet's obvious as a dummy is 100% over 80% health and aimed shot hardcasting simply kick asses over 80%

    on a real encounter situation you simply won't have time to sit and watch your 2.6+ cast to be fired, it's just like hardcasting soulfires from 100% to 0 for a lock

    on the other hand people are QQing in BGs

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    was raiding last night, took down halfus and conclave of wind last night
    did 35k dps on halfus
    and just 13k on conclave (muchy jumpy jumpy between platforms and killing some adds to)

    got ilvl 352 and no set 2 bonus
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    Mine is much better as well. I am raiding 10man without Lock, so no DI for me, but I noticed an increase on Magmaw to 20-21k dps (comparing to other Spriests doing 23k or more with DI, that seems about what I should be at). That's definitely an increase.
    I noticed problems with my Archangel though... It gave me way more mana back before, as if it would crit, it was more than 5%. Now, it sometimes doesnt even go to 5% - and yes, I only use it when it "glows". Is there a bug with it? I usually don't really have manaproblems but on Magmaw it got close, since I aoe the adds as well. And using Archangel there when it was fully stacked, didnt even make my Manabar jump for more than 2%... It's confusing.

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    well patch 4.0.3 i would usualy do about 9k-14k dps as a ret paladin, in full blues,
    in 4.0.6 i can do about 10k - 21k dps in full blues, lol its really retarded how rng affects my dps

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    Ok now you can stop posting about your dps in the priest subforum if you are not a priest :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by thablalrock View Post
    What rotation are you using now for 4.0.6 ? the same as before ?
    I'm still using the same one as before

    Quote Originally Posted by Insaan View Post
    I'm also loving the 60k Mindblast crit.. lol
    Try that joy, and add that to the 75k MB crits in heroics.. It's niiiiice to see some decent crits again!
    10 man raids, im around 22-23k dps, tailing our warlock, damn you...
    heroics i can ease up on the 20'ish + , depending on buffs ect.

    Dummy, silly 14k lol -_-

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