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    New 4 pc mooncloth(2pc/2pc vs 4pc)

    Just tried out the new 4pc mooncloth and it would seem that when slowed your max run speed with the buff active is 100%(even with inner will active). This seems like a complete waste right now. Every single class that can snare you has a way to get closer to you faster.

    What are we supposed to do with regular run speed? They will catch us very quickly. I'm currently playing disc and it's not a huge deal(but I wish I could rocket boot with the buff), but for holy it's terrible. Why even try to body and soul under pressure now?

    Is this supposed to be a bug or is it intended? Because unless it's changed i'm staying with 2pc/2pc(also because they nurfed the amount of int given by the 4pc).

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    If you're focused in 3s and someone's on the person slowing you, or desecration, frost nova, earthbind, frost trap, idk what comp you play.. Then you run at 100% while they run at 30%, 40%, 50%?

    It's really not bad, I guess it might depend on the cop you play, but it has more value than you seem to be giving it.

    About 2 piece vs 2 piece, which would help you live longer?

    It's most likely intended, DK anti-slow and ghost wolf all make you run at 100%, and the new DK thing is completely op.

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