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    When i saw how many of the old quests they removed in elwynn/westfall. I made a lot of alts, got them to lvl 20ish by lvling through elywnn forest and westfall, and then deleting them. Now im very sad when i see how many of the old quests they removed.

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    Some really really fantastic responses!

    I'll add a few more, myself. I was never really a fan of Halo at all. The first Halo game I played was Halo Reach. Each death was kinda... sad. But the final scene after the credits rolled was really well done. Epic music to an epic battle that had only one objective.... survive... (If you've beaten Halo Reach, you know exactly what happens after. If not, and intend to play it, I won't spoil it for you.)

    In response to the Crusader Bridenbrad quest chain - yeah, I've done them, I really enjoyed them, but the whole thing...for some reason didn't resonate quite as hard as the first 20 seconds of the Lich King's fall video. Like I had said, it was everything combined together - the camerawork, script, music, etc. - that made it good. He didn't die a villain, he didn't gain redemption. He died... a human death.

    Another WoW-related one, was the finale to the (new) Stonetalon Mountains quests. I actually went "Awwwww". The alt I levelled up through there still has the quest reward, in memory.

    As for non-WoW related - I agree. The ending to Red Dead Redemption was amazing!
    -The Gears of Wars one was very awesome, as well.. I might actually have to check out the series, now lol.
    -Blech. The City Elf Origin from Dragon Age really... boiled my blood. I know it's just a game, and all, but I truly despise people who do things like that.
    -Fallout 3. Seeing your dad die. That was more of a shock, than anything else. "Oh, hey, there's Dad! *conversation conversation* *BANG* ....wait... WHAT..?!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miseration View Post
    The ending of FFX when Yuna runs to hug Tidus and falls through him.
    this, the ending of FFX , it really moved me when i beat it for the first time
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    Quote Originally Posted by saberon View Post
    Gears of War 2 - When Dom finds Maria. The entire game he's searching for her, and then...
    Wow... that's some seriously heartbreaking stuff. I'll admit choking up a bit to that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
    If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.
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    Taurajo. I was shedding manly tears during that quest where you had to perform last rites for the people who died. The leatherworking guy tried to protect the escaping people with a skinning knife for god's sake! I killed every taurajo looter there, then went to fort triumph, forward command, and northwatch killing every alliance npc i saw.

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    Most recent - Wings of Liberty ending?

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    Mass Effect both 1 and 2 have some moving moments. Some epic some sad it's all fricking best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saberon View Post
    Gears of War 2 - When Dom finds Maria. The entire game he's searching for her, and then...
    Damn man! That's pretty bad!

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    The Hitman series

    The only game that i have ever really felt anything when i was playing the game.


    Especially the Hitman 4 ending when 47 is laying in the Curch presumed dead. It was so delightful to exact revenge on anything that moved
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    Despite me not liking Gears' story at all, the Dom and Maria scene was amazingly well done and heartbreaking. It's comparable to the end of Saving Private Ryan (well, I thought it was sad at least)!

    Much of Mass Effect 2. I'll be the first to admit I LOVE the hell out of Tali and when my Shepard caught her and saved her from dying the first time through the game I almost made a mess in my pants. But the most emotionally moving part of the game has to be Mordin Solus' side mission. Listening to such a (normally) non-serious character debate the ethics of genetically neutering an entire species, while finally coming to terms with the indirect carnage he helped to cause, was some genuinely moving stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nopi View Post
    Legend of the Dragoon, I forgot his name.. but the green guy, when he dies and the king or prince replaces him. Was a very emotional and well made scene. Wish I could remember it better =(
    Lavitz' death was very tough too since I was so young when I played FFVII and LoD I was much more attached to Lavitz as a best-friend/brother character than I was to Aeris as a kinda-love interest... I was so sad and it really made me want to take revenge on Lloyd. Scenes later in the game made Lavitz' death even tougher and made Lloyd an even better villain. Great game, Legend of Dragoon.
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    Faith's story from Longest Journey 2: Dreamfall

    also April's confrontation with her father at the end of the first game

    Mass Effect 1: I Remember Me... only available to a Shep with Colonist background so not everyone may know it, but those who do probably can't forget it
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    How about the starting zone death knight quest where u go around killing innocent families? Kinda made me question myself (killing farmers and their kids cowering in fear...)

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    I've had a few... death of the Lich King, Wrathgate cinematic, when you fight Jill Valentine in RE5, the ending of Valkyria Chronicles (happy!), when Selvaria blows herself up (valkyria chronicles, sad existence). There's more I'm sure, I'm emotional. If it's remotely sad or happy, I tear up!

    And when I beat pokemon... that's a big one. Watching the Hall of Fame after you beat the league gives me a big hit of nostalgia.

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    Star Wars: Force Unleashed, when Juno asks Starkiller "Will I ever see you again?" and seeing he die just moments after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sickslol View Post
    The end of Red Dead Redemption, you came to love John Marston and he dies
    I felt so damn moved.. Such a brilliant game, probably the best I've every played.

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