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    You "I hate beiber" people are more annoying than the kid ever thought about being. Dislike it all you wish (I'm the biggest metal head (and rap fan..hence the name.. =D) you'll ever meet, obviously I don't like beiber) the kid has talent. Hes 16 years old, doing his thing, making money. All you guys hate on beiber..he does the same music as..usher? yet usher isn't on EVERY SINGLE YOUTUBE VIDEO in a comment or another...He does the same music as...Jason derulo? yet there is no thread about how he is famous? Let the kid make his money doing what he loves and entertaining the MILLIONS of fans he has...

    Hating on ANY art is wrong. Period.

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    Same reason Tokio Hotel was famous, lots of little girls who believe he is the best thing on the whole planet
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    People like you made him famous. I don't listen to his/her music, but people get more exposure through haters then anything else
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    Regardless of all the hate, the kid IS talented. I personally can't stand his songs; they're too mainstream and typical "#1 billboard top 100" songs, but behind all the producers butchering his voice and tripling it over, his voice is not bad. He also can dance, to an extent. I think once he grows up and gets out of this teeny-bopper stage, I'm sure he'll end up something like Usher. Talented singer, exceptional dancer.

    Having a personal studio I'm constantly in and seeing tons of local bands go in and out, it's easy to see the raw potential of musicians. When he grows up and isn't under the control of his parents and being intimidated by producers, I'm sure his music will appeal to more than just 12 year old girls. But now...while he's 16 and still a kid himself...his audience isn't as wide as other famous singers in his genre, so he has to milk out what he can from those fans he does have(and I'd say 100 million last year is doing pretty damn good).

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    Quote Originally Posted by theonly View Post
    Question soo ... How does the world evolve??

    IMO i think that's a flaw in your system. We just dont have girls anymore or parents should learn to say NO. just a thought... and "girls" should learn that a little kid whos 16 and sounds like hes 10 isn't amazingly cute or awsome
    I was not being serious. I had hoped to make that obvious even without the benefit of things like inflection and facial expressions due to the sheer absurdity of the idea that humanity should cease to procreate.

    My disappointment is palpable.
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    Closing Flamebait thread.

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