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    does icc share same lockout for 10 and 25m?

    i know it did it wrath i was just curious if it had changed since cata launched

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    oh ok thanks i thought i read somewhere that it would nly be current raid content meaning older raids wouldnt share it

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    Now, like any raid from vanilla or BC, you can only kill each raid boss in a raid once per lockout, regardless of size.

    If you want to kill a boss more than once a week, you have to do it the old fashion way, do it on an alt.

    Multiple versions of raids didn't exist till Wrath. Where you could kill a boss on 10 man, then kill them again on 25 man.

    Now you can only kill them once, either on 10 or 25 man.

    The downside is, now you can't do both 10 man Glory of the X Raider and 25 man Glory of the X Raider for the same wrath raid in the same week.

    You have to do one of them one week, and another on the following week, since 10 and 25 man share the lockout.
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    they tried out the system in 4.0 during WotLK with ICC

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    didnt know that...kinda sucks but we are far from being 25m ready so moot for me and my guild.

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