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    PVP Disc for 2v2/3v3: need help

    Started since a few days, my arena-rating climbing .

    I started this while playing a pvp S.Priest, but i didn't liked it much, lack of mobility and the spell-locks not yet fixed, made me reroll discipline.

    First of all, my biggest concern is the best gamestyle for a typical 2v2(and occasional 3v3): i tend to play really defensivly, i rarely use smite/holy fire on opponents. Is that proficent on higher tiers, or the lack of damage by my side can bring us more troubles then is worth?
    If playing "turtlepriest" is good, wouldn't be an also good choice to pick the reflective shields as talent?

    Thanks for reading.

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    couple things, first playing completley defensive will probably cost you games in 2's, unless your dps is really good. Priest dont have the same kiteablity that other healers have or even the mana regen, we have to be offensive. second as a disc, your well timed offensive dispels/ mana burns are your most effective offense. if you are helping your partner burst down a low hp target, use mind spike/mindblast over smite/holy fire. The biggest reason other than they do more dmg and are quicker ( good reasons in themselves) if you interupted you are not locked out of your holy tree. As disc pvp dont bother even taking any smite talents.

    as to reflective shields, I love the talent but, i would rather have inspiration (10% less physical dmg). reflective shield only works on shields on YOU, while inspiration can work on anyone you heal. so nice to have, but there are better options to take as a disc priest.

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    this cleared a lot of doubts! TY!

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