Was hoping there was some chance someone could come up with the name of this game, I've been trying to search it out and can't track it down. Let's see what I remember...

You played as an adventurer type guy. You were tasked with moving around 2d side view levels, collecting coins. When you had collected every coin, generally a ladder would appear, leading to the exit door. Opposed were a group of robed enemies who would somewhat violently beat you should they catch you. In order to protect yourself, you were given the ability to destroy one tile of ground directly to your left or right, which would temporarily become a small pit. Should one of your robed enemies fall into such a pit, you could run across their heads to the other side. Any pit would last for a few seconds before it resealed itself, killing whatever occupied that space.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love you for it. All my searching has turned up very little.

(May have been published by Sierra Games? But that's just a complete guess at this point.)

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Nevermind, totally got it. Lode Runner. Awesome.