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    New change to MD?

    "Mass Dispel should again prefer dispelling targets that have magic effects that can be dispelled."

    Not sure if I got it right, but does this mean it will prio normal buffs? so if I havnt cleared a mage of all hes buffs, my MD will dispell hes normal buffs before the ice block?

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    Sounds to me like MD was dispelling targets that had nothing on them over people who actually had things to dispel, so this is more of a bugfix than a mechanics change.

    I could very well be reading it wrong though.

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    No, it means that is will now prefer actually dispelling things in a large group, versus trying to dispel people who don't have anything that needs to be dispelled. Like on Warlord Zon'ozz, if you Mass Dispel when the Disrupting Shadows is applied, even if everyone is in a group and less than 10 people have it, it would still "miss" people.

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    It was bugged and was previously dispelling the 10 closest targets regardless of debuffs.
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    I was expecting some tweaks to fix or "low" single target dps in a form of T13 bonuses fix and instead i see MD "boosted" (LOL).

    At least nice to see the f.mages tuned down some. Now please, get rid of 20% melee abomination.

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