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    A red apple.

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    Chili con carne ... or the famous goulash my wife makes..

    Will be a tough decision.

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    As a pair: Subway's Chicken Pizziola and as a drink, Apple Juice probably :3.

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    Chicken Caesar Salad. It's healthy and good!

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    A carrot. <Insert ten characters>

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    There's like a thousand ways to eat them and they have everything you need to survive.
    (Although I normally try very hard avoid eating anything soy-related)

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    Cannabis seeds, one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world, plus if I get bored I could plant a few.

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    Ummm... Schnitzel... or perhaps some Berry Yoghurt.

    But not both. Because that's wrong. What's wrong with you?
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    tortellini alla piemontese w/Chicken breast from Chianti (An Italian restaurant by my place)

    Tortellini topped with a rose meat sauce (SO GOOOOD) and the chicken is always cooked soo perfectly, goes with the sauce really well too. Favorite dish from my Favorite restaurant, Seriously awesome place... On mondays its like $15 per person too (Thats sport-sized and drinks), HOW DO THEY CHARGE SOO LITTLE FOR SUCH GREAT FOOD?

    But back on topic, I could pick out the chicken and eat it for a few days, or just have the sauce as a soup, or just the tortellini, Any combination of them just to keep from getting bored of the same thing over and over. But after reading the coconut one I would probably reconsider. It all depends on the specifics, If its just food that is the problem and not supplies/other things then I would stick with my choice.
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    any type of chicken

    pizza(since you can put anything on it...well...almost anything)

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    Sushi. with soy.
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    u r dump ;`)
    Quote Originally Posted by Nielah View Post
    Tender oxfilets, potatoe crocettes, steamed veggies, sauce based on whisky and ruccola salade on the side.
    Any day, any time, anywhere.
    Wow. Can we hug and touch and be best friends?

    Edit: Oops .. got a bit excited there. I'd choose Potato Croquettes and this. Thank god for that duplicator thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redexadieu View Post

    The taste of heaven, Yes I'm from Boro!
    Ok, that looks so tasyt! I need to try that the next time i got to England!

    Oh and @ OP pasta bolognese with some parmesan cheese on top!
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    Xtra Long Chili Cheese
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    Chicken. There are so many ways to cook chicken that i'll never tire of it.
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    Pepperoni Pizza from this local restaurant right beside the college I went to. Oh and it better come with a side of ranch!

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    Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza on pan (or deep dish) crust

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    yup that's gonna be sushi for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isuzo View Post
    Wow. Can we hug and touch and be best friends?

    Edit: Oops .. got a bit excited there. I'd choose Potato Croquettes and this. Thank god for that duplicator thing!
    wow im a cheff myself but damn that cheese,lobster looks amazing..

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