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    [Music] MY Band's New Song - ARTIKALE - Blackout the World.

    Hey guys thought i would share this here with you all. I play guitar for a local Las Vegas based Metal band. We are called Artikale. We have one song up at the moment, two more are coming up tomorrow i will post them and update here as well...We recorded and produced everything ourselves at home. If you dont like screaming ,or low growls, you probably wont like us

    But give us a listen, leave a comment we would love to hear from you.


    If you want to check out our mainsite the link is in my sig.

    Thanks alot

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    i thought this was really good, although im not into Christian bands much.

    the lyrics were well done and the guitaring was decent.

    im not gonna lie, it needs more solo... (perhaps more cowbell :P)


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    I liked it, but the low quality made me go sadface. 8/10

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    Was pretty good, woulda liked a nice solo and - I really can't put this into words very well - but I woulda liked something like a bit more variation in the vocals (not exactly what I mean but can't think how to put it, something about the speed of them I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kliffharry View Post
    I liked it, but the low quality made me go sadface. 8/10
    That's Youtube's fault, not the band's. Set the video quality to 480p instead of 360p and the audio's encoding bitrate will go up a little. You can still hear a ton of artifacts (mostly at cymbals), but it's a bit better.

    OT: I'm not into christian stuff either, but the song was quite good! I like the panning effects on the vocals. Awesome drummer. But I agree with Dethspawn... how come nobody plays solos anymore?

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    I liked the musicality of the song. Despite the quality, it was listenable and not overdone or blotchy. I would never become a fan of any religious themed or centered band, but you guys have done well as musicians. Good luck to you!

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    Thanks for the comments, we actually have 2 more songs coming up today and both of them have solos, we decided to go with a different take for this one, as 3/4 of our set have solos :P dont want to completely overdue it :P

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