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    DPS as Holy on Heroic Chimaeron

    I'm just wondering what the best rotation for holy dps is when coming to Phase 3 on heroic Chimaeron.

    Smite/Holy Fire unglyphed
    Smite/Holy Fire glyphed with Glyph of Smite
    Mind Spike/Mind Blast
    Smite/Holy Fire with Mind Blast on CD

    The glyph should increase DPS, but by how much? Is it worth getting? Just looking for some feedback/advice.


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    I don't plan on using holy fire and glyph of smite until holy fire benefits from glyph of divine accuracy when 4.1 hits. I just throw on the accuracy glyph and smite spam, beats the other healers by a mile. Don't forget about smite chakra.

    Other more math-oriented players may have a better answer for you though.

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    Mind Spike/Mind Blast is the answer.

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    It shouldn't really matter much in which order you hit your spells, your dps will be pretty minimal anyways. Just curious, do you have a disc priest? If not you can bubble the people that are next in line on threat instead of dpsing or play pinball with lifegrip for an extra 2 seconds

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    Well I'm pretty much DoT'ing him up and then I keep spamming smite+Mind Blast. There really isn't much notice in the dps you provide but it's still something for those last % though being disc on this fight provides abit more during the whole encounter ( dps wise ) compared to if you're holy. But that's just because you wondered about dps.

    But got nothing else to add than DoT that boss up and smite. More DoTS ! xD

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    My fellow Holy priest and I spec into soul warding for this fight and spam shields on everyone come the last phase. It helps, especially if the boss goes over when the raid hasn't been fully topped off.

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    I suggest using shields instead of Smite. Those shields make a difference. Specc soul warding if you can.

    But if you want your best possible DPS, spam mind spike, and make sure to enter the attack chakra state.

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    I don't think there's any good reason to have Holy Priests on this fight in the first place, is there? Respec Disc and spam shields!
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    MS/MB spam, but if you don't have a disc priest in raid spam bubbles, their absorption can make or break that phase.

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    Shields don't matter for P3 on this fight IMO.

    We were losing people to the boss, not to the dot done by Nef. We had 2-3 1% wipes when holy priests weren't DPSing (other issues) but if we did DPS those would've been kills.

    Anyways, it looks like the holy priest with similar gear to me did more DPS smiting.

    I mind spiked/mind blasted, he smited with the glyph. I forgot to go into my chakra, but I was more than 15% behind him.

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    3x Spike -> MB, 3 more Spike and a Holy Fire and MB should be off CD again, repeat and loot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invinciblebug View Post
    Mind Spike/Mind Blast is the answer.
    Yep. Until the patch (buffing holy fire damage) just 3x spike->blast->spam spike until blast is off CD again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    3x Spike -> MB, 3 more Spike and a Holy Fire and MB should be off CD again, repeat and loot.
    I do this as well, if I still have mana left in that phase, after blowing it all on getting the raid to full. I also trow in a Power Word: Shield here and there.
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