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    What is worse then death?

    What do you think is worse then death, I have been reading a book and it says their is fates worse then death. What do you think about that?Do you believe in it?If you did what?
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    Death just cuts you off and you don't necessarily suffer. Torturing someone for years would be a fate worse than death I'd say.

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    Well... being burned alive and then living through it... living through that pain probably makes you want to kill yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fazdran View Post
    Death just cuts you off and you don't necessarily suffer. Torturing someone for years would be a fate worse than death I'd say.
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    As said above, torture. Enduring so much pain can make you want to die.

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    I would consider Total locked-in syndrome to be a fate worse than death.

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    Well to me it would probably be becoming handicapped from the neck down and having someone take care of you for the rest of your life.

    Or my account being hacked and all my purples disenchanted.

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    Being SUPER dead

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    listening to a vogon's poetry.

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    Being paralyzed, deaf and blind, all together
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    Having your wow account hacked, and never be restored.
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    Loneliness. Total, utter, and complete loneliness.

    I would eventually go insane without someone to talk to. It doesn't matter if they're the most conceited person around. Having absolutely no one else would send me over the edge.
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    Having to use "then" improperly instead of "than" for the rest of your life knowing that it is incorrect.

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    Having to watch all the ones you love die horribly... I think that would be worse then dying with them. Ugh, awful topic, now I am all emo
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    Eternal life would be much worse than death. Imagine how bored you get sometimes while you're alive. If you had to live an eternal, never ending life, you would get so bored of having done everything there is to do. You would try to find a way to kill yourself.
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    McDonalds !
    On the serious note, torture... For example Japanese have a thing where they make a hundred cuts on ur body with out damaging any life-depending organs; they also have one of the worst ways of executing ppl, they plant a bamboo plant under u , and let it grow thru u , until u die.....
    Apparently Musolini was also executed in a horrible way, im not sure about this though, he was hung upside down and left like that , whilst all of his relative were made to watch him hang there. They weren't fed, they cudnt drink... So he was hanging upside down, with all the blood rushing into his brain, watching his closest relatives suffer, and they were made to watch him suffer. That's just the worst way to go....

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    Drowning forever.

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    Being forced to watch as everyone and everything I have ever loved is taken away from me. Slowly, one by one.

    By my own beliefs, death is only the beginning. I have no fear of death itself.

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    torture or eternal solitude. at least in death(a quick one) you don't feel anything or suffer.

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    patch day is by far worst

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