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    A neverending whipe run...

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    hmm...undeath and taxes
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    One off the punishments for crimes during the Dark ages/Medieval times was to first be boiled alive so your skin was softer, then you where slowly skinned alive, and you would not die fast it would take i's time. Bring back Medieval punishments and you would see criminals not so eager to commit crimes when facing those torture's. The death penalties we have nowdays is a joke.

    Also to lose someone you hold close to you is almost worse then to die.
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    Dying slowly. To that extent, death by puffer fish. Not by something stupid, like tripping and getting impaled on a puffer fish, but eating it. It paralyzes you, so you suffocate, with your eyes still open. Ugh.
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    The only thing worse than death is waiting for it to happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syntic View Post
    As said above, torture. Enduring so much pain can make you want to die.
    pain makes you go numb so pain aint shit :P but being hurt so bad it makes you in to a cucumber and cant move talk eat or anything at all just being there traped in your body that id say is worse then death
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