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    Worgen/Human for Pvp or melee pve

    Orc for both pve and pvp

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    It's really up to you

    I mean, if you're playing for looks or to top your dps/hps. If you're aiming for high dps then you should go something like a Orc Warlock/Hunter or a Human Warrior/Death Knight.

    But if you want to play something for the looks then you might aswell go a Female Tauren Druid...

    My 3 mains are

    Undead Beast Mastery Hunter
    Dwarf Blood Death Knight
    Human Arms Warrior

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    for pvp, human is far and away the trinket and a bunch of extra sp/ap from extra proc trinket. for melee, the expertise bonus is the cherry on the sundae.

    for pve, who really cares? pve is boring and takes no real skill

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    Dwarf hunter =D
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    Blood elf priest, because they own that racial ability grans 6% man at level 90 and 2min cd. It is usefull when you heal.

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    Undead (male), regardless of class <3

    Took my undead priest in T6 transmog through some bgs last night, as disc (shadow is my ms) and while I played like shit (1. I don't have healing gear, and my shadow gear is shit anyway and 2. I don't really know how to play disc) I still felt pretty alright throwing out penances, shields and shit. As opposed to my female belf mage that is 83. Again, I don't really know how to play mage (shouldn't be too hard?) and people at 84 with 130k sure know how to ruin other people's day, but as a whole, it was just a boring experience because it was a belf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamzone View Post
    Blood elf priest, because they own that racial ability grans 6% man at level 90 and 2min cd. It is usefull when you heal.
    2% since decades, it got nerfed long time ago.

    But because of the older ability Bloodelf Paladins and Priests were really god, fit well.

    Beside that Troll Shaman, Orc Hunter, Tauren Druid, Undead Rogue, Human warrior, Dwarf Hunter, Gnome Mage...I love them

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    Dont know if you mean the best Racial attack/class combo or just the Race/class that seems to be the best fit.

    Best Racial attack/class (I PvP)
    1. Human -Put in any class-
    2. Night Elf Druid/Rogue
    3. Orc DK

    Race/Class that seems to be the best fit
    1. Dwarf Hunter
    2. Tauren Druid
    3. Undead Rogue

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    spec wise i think dwarf/brewmaster
    Im actually not funny, im just really mean and people think im joking.

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    orc arms warrior with an 2h axe.

    dat damage :O

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