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    Repairing my DS


    My DS Lite broke and the Nintendo repair site said it would cost $75/85 to repair it/get a new one. Would I get the best value out of:

    A) Repairing
    B) Buying a new DSi
    C) Break the bank and buy a 3DS

    C is pushing it, at the current time I'm only looking to use it on road trips/flights/etc.

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    I would just go with C

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    Quote Originally Posted by M_10 View Post
    C) Break the bank and buy a 3DS

    Read that and make your opinion about it, personally I would go for B.
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    Go for B
    3DS got some bad reviews and its more expensive.

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    Save a bit more money and just get another DS Lite, imo.

    The DSi web browser is terrible (and useless if you have a smartphone), drains hella battery, and the camera is awful.
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