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    Team Fortress 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibu View Post
    I'd vouch for Rift

    I tried the Beta once or twice and it didn't catch me much, but I've played now for some time and I've reached level 31 and as it goes on it just gets better and better.

    Granted, it's not much different from WoW, but it's really just a nice breath of fresh air until SW:TOR arrives
    this is what I am going to

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    Minecraft >.>

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    Too bad you didn't post Friday, as the Rift weekend trial codes were floating around. I managed to get one and played a bit over the weekend. First thing to point out, I really like that you can create hybrid classes, much like WoW used to allow. It was fun to not necessarily know what I was doing, but could pick and choose what spec I wanted to put talents in, and then use those abilities from multiple specs.

    The other cool thing was the system that's used to group up to defeat rifts. Just getting near them prompted an auto-invite to a group. So, everyone nearby would work together to accomplish the goal. There was no begging for a group invite or fighting over who tagged things first. It just felt very fluid and communal.

    I only got to level 10, but definitely wanted to play more. Here's hoping another free trial comes up soon!

    Oh, and my other suggestion....any GTA games.

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    If you're looking for an MMO right now, Rift is probably the best one. There was a free weekend event from April 1st until yesterday where you could try the game if a friend who's a current subscriber referred you. As for the future, GW2 is a day one buy for me as it's B2P. TERA looks very nice from the screens and videos, but we'll have to see how far they will "Westernize" it (as they say) so it fits to our standards.

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    Try Real Life 3D version,amazing graphics

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    RIFT definitely, I'm biased because I've been playing it for a while, but honestly its really fun. The only calling I haven't really played much is mage, but having played rogue and cleric to close to max level and warrior to mid level ranges, I can say that its quite a bit of fun.

    I raid on wow, but I play RIFT outside of raiding time. I also hear that LoL is a fun game too, but I haven't given it a shot yet.

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    If you're like me and don't really have time for games like WoW/EVE anymore I'd suggest Lacuna Expanse. Space-based Strategy MMO.
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    Of those you listed, I'd hold out for Tera (or get the Korean version.) I'm currently playing my free (and only) month of Rift, and I can't recommend it. There are some cool features, and it isn't a bad game. I can safely say that because World of Warcraft isn't a bad game, and the two of them are so alike that Rift could have been an expansion. It does quite a few things right, but it certainly isn't worth another monthly fee to play WoW with prettier graphics.

    Also, The Secret World looks like it will be interesting. Check into that one.
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    Thanks for all advices. Lots of people seems to tried and liked Rift but I'll probably bail on it due to the ones saying that it's "too alike WoW" and WoW is kinda what I wanna get off my mind, need something new and refreshing!

    Best bet is probably to keep playing Eve casual until Tera, Star Wars, Diablo 3 or something comes out. In the meantime I think I'll take the advices with singleplayer games and dust off the old 360!

    However, if anyone knows when or where another trial on Rift will pop up, please advice me in that direction! Would be fun to try it without having to splash cash on it! :P

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    get an N64 going somehow and play some old games! Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie! I thought that I only liked this game cuz I was a little kid and didn't know better... but Banjo Tooie really is an amazing game

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