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    Wind Waker = Awesome
    OoT = Awesome
    MM = Awesome
    Twilight Princess = The fuck is this?!

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    I think it depends, at least partially, when you played those games.
    do i think ocarina of time was the better, more fun game? sure i do.
    but it will never beat a link to the past because i was like 10 or so when i played it on my SNES and were hooked for hours and hours for weeks.

    good times. :]

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    Well I might be the lone one here, but my favorite Zelda game is "The Legend of Zelda" it was my first rpg/adventure game, and at a time when Mario was dominating the scene I played Zelda more often. Zelda is actually the reason I play WoW I think lol. I didn't like the feel of the 3D versions of Zelda that were on the GameCube, but I do enjoy playing the handheld versions because it still has that NES feel to them ^.^ I remember watching the opening credits of Zelda back then and being like "Wow this was made before I was born!" (Zelda - 1986; Rizendragon - 1988). /sigh I wish I could get that game back.

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    Links awakening/DX was always my fav, second is a link to the past and third OoT. I loved most of em though.

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    My all-time favourite is and probably ever will be A Link to the past, the game is just so memorably for me and the only zelda game I really replayed countless time. I replayed others of course, but none as much as this one. Always reminds me of the good days of my childhood.
    Second place would go to Majoras Mask for me. I just really liked how the game was done and the countless things you could do and get.
    OoT was a great game and I know countless people love it to death, I even played the special edition, I think it was called Master Quest, but I still can't remember too much from it, although the parts I do remember were great... maybe I should play it again some time to check it out again.
    But still, since it didn't stick in my memory that well I would give the third place of my personal Zelda-favourites list to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. It's the only Zelda game that was actually challenging to play.
    Sure, I used to die occasionally in other Zelda games, back then when I was smaller and the games were new, but Zelda 2 is the only game I still die to this day.

    The other games are all awesome as well of course.
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    Changed my perspective on gaming as a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravebound View Post
    Nothing beats the awesomeness that is A Link To The Past.

    This... really!

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    Definitely make a poll!!

    1) Ocarina of Time
    2) Link to the Past
    3a) Link's Awakening
    3b) Twilight Princess

    Zelda games never cease to deliver, and these are game's I've always been able to go back and play again without fail.

    Water temple was the best dungeon in OoT as well
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    Link to the Past and OoT. I can't decide which. Both are awesome.
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    Link to the past and Ocarina of Time.

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    Ocarina of Time gets my vote. In fact, it's the best game I've ever played.

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    I'm an equal-opportunity Zelda lover. Twilight Princess was stunning and one of my favorites. Wind Waker had a great story but obnoxious treasure hunting stuff.

    But back to the original stuff, A Link to the Past holds a very special place in my heart right along with Ocarina of Time.

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    My top five are (number 1 being my favorite):

    1. Ocarina of Time
    2. Twilight Princess
    3. Majora's Mask
    4. Wind Waker (I know a lot of people disliked this game, but not me.)
    5. A Link to the Past

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    Link's awakening dx is the best. As for favorite dungeon, all of la's dungeons don't annoy the fuck out of me like most zelda games. Besides that, probably like spirit temple or skull dungeon

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    My favorite game was OoT. I dont get how the water temple is hard though, I blow through that thing (I like that boss a lot just because its a unique fight). Wind Waker was my second fave because I liked the whole sailing to different places idea since it seems more realistic =P

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    I might be alone on this, but Wind Waker is my absolute favourite, followed closely by OoT. I loved the whole aesthetic that Wind Waker had and Helmaroc King is the sickest boss name ever. The ending wasn't nearly as good as OoT's ending though but OoT had arguably the best game ending ever.

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    Link to the past is my favorite game of all time.

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    (showing my age here) the Original Legend of Zelda.

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    Four Swords Adventures for Gamecube. Immensely overlooked gem. Until I played that game my favourite was LTTP. If you don't own Four Swords Adventures try finding a used copy or something; it has all the charm of LTTP with crisp, vibrant graphics, fun puzzles, and an amazing soundtrack.

    As far as the handheld versions go, I really liked Minish Cap on GBA. I love the four swords storyline, and there is speculation that Vaati is in Skyward Sword on Wii so I'm ultra pumped for it.
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    in order: Windwaker, twilight princess, Oot, oracle of seasons, four swords, link to the past.

    a quick note about twilight princess: i thought TP was a little too easy, the game was fun and all but the bosses never really presented themselves as bosses to me, just another enemy i could roflstomp.
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