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    Thumbs up Mmo-champion mobile app

    I would love to see a mobile app for droid and iphone. Its the last thing that could make my phone perfect. whens it coming?

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    when boars fly?

    sounds like a good idea, but also sounds like one that could take a while and need constant management

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    They said they're working on a mobile version of the site, but I doubt there will be an app for a long time, if ever... There's no reason for it, especially if they make the website optimized for mobile viewing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noteworthynerd View Post
    They said they're working on a mobile version of the site, but I doubt there will be an app for a long time, if ever... There's no reason for it, especially if they make the website optimized for mobile viewing.
    This. There's no need for website apps if they just make a mobile version of the webpage. Make it a favorite and it'll be just like an app.
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    Either or. I mean i dont even mind the regular website on my phone, hell im on it now. I just think it would be cool. I mean its not nearly as complex but look at the armory. Sadly i know people who got their iphone just so they could have the mobile armory app. Just a thought anyway, a mobile version of the aite would suit me just as well.

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    It's a lot of work to make it mobile-friendly and not totally bug-ridden. It's also on a long list of improvements to the site, and not a priority. Also, try to use the search function in this forum. This particular topic is brought up at least once a week.

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    in fact i did use the search funciton and searched. i saw alot of shit that wasnt it. maybe if it was an app i would have found it easier :P

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    "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." lol.

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    If it says that then maybe searches are user-specific? If you have the Suggestions & Feedback sub-forum open, click 'Search' in the upper right and search for 'mobile' and you can see how (nearly quite literally) a topic is created each week on this subject, haha
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    Yeah, searches are user-specific; it's not possible to share with a search link. Besides that, a mobile site is definitely something we'd like to provide; no ETA right now, though.

    For now, if you're interested in a mobile version of the front page news, you can try using an RSS reader with the news forum RSS feed:


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    I'll probably start putting this in every 'mobile site/app' thread.

    I am a mobile web developer and as said, turning a site mobile isn't exactly easy, quick, or high on the list. If we are going to do it we want it done correctly. I can make a new css file as can the rest of the mmoc/curse developers quickly, but it wont solve the many issues that come with mobile web.

    For now, *if* your phone is having trouble loading, acting slow, you have limited data allowance, whatever....you can use the google mobilizer.

    It's not a keylogger, I promise.

    It takes sites and removes all the css and shrinks it to your size. You can also opt to not use images to save further data/load times.

    This obviously isn't taking the place of a mobile site, and only really helps if you are having the above problems, but it's something.

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    I was actually hoping for a hand written letter mailed to me every time the front page is updated. (Letter must be written in Calligraphy) Surely that can't be too time consuming...

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